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Experience What a Magnavox LCD Television Can Deliver

With a Magnavox LCD television, you can have a memorable viewing experience. The monitor has advanced electronics and screen technologies that provide you with an enriched picture, which means that you can watch your favorite shows and movies clearly with dynamic images and vibrant colors. These television sets come in multiple sizes that fit in with any home decor.

What sizes do Magnavox LCD monitors come in?

Magnavox monitors are available in many sizes, and the one you choose is based on your needs and preferences. Some examples of the sizes available are:

  • 15 inches: A small screen that is perfect for use in your gaming room or a kitchen.
  • 19 inches: An excellent screen size for using as a computer monitor.
  • 32 inches: This screen provides you with high-definition resolution and an exceptional motion rate and is ideal for bedrooms, dens, small living rooms, home offices, and waiting or reception areas.
  • 50 inches: This is a great monitor for watching movies and entertaining guests in living rooms, businesses, and man caves.
What models of Magnavox LCD televisions are available?

A number of different models of TVs are available from Magnavox, including:

  • Model 15MF605/17: A slim TV with a 15-inch screen and high-definition components with video inputs. You can mount this TV on a wall or place it on a desk.
  • Model 20MF251W: This is a 20-inch widescreen TV with a built-in DVD player.
  • Model 19MF337B: This TV has a 19-inch screen and is an HDTV that also has an HDMI port.
  • Model 55MV314/F7: This device has a 55-inch flat-panel screen and is cable-ready.
  • Model 39MF412B: A 39-inch TV set, this comes with three HDMI ports. This device has touch sensor keys and allows you to set it up as a large computer monitor.
What accessories come with a Magnavox television?
  • Remote control
  • Panel screws: These screws help you set up your TV stand, so it sets up on a desk or table for viewing.
  • AC adapter
  • Base folds: Allows you to mount your TV on the wall and have the ability to tilt and swivel your screen.
What are some possible features of a Magnavox LCD device?
  • LCD screen: This monitor delivers a high-quality picture with bright colors and blur reduction. You can adjust the resolution to fit your viewing needs.
  • DVD player: You can insert a DVD or CD into the player and watch your movies or listen to music on your TV.
  • Widescreen: A large screen for viewing movies, sports, and playing video games.
  • HDMI port: Allows you to connect HD video devices to your TV, including your laptop, for a mirror view.
  • Surround sound: This feature gives you crisp sound and an exceptional listening experience. The sound is enhanced, allowing you to hear through the front, left, and right side speakers.
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