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Complete Magic: The Gathering Sets

Magic: The Gathering is a role-playing card game. It consists of various duels that are fought using the creature selection in your duel deck. These card games are available in many varieties and buying options, ranging from collector's edition duel decks to complete sets.

What kinds of sets are available?

Every year, several new Magic: The Gathering sets are released. There are several types of sets, including:

  • Base/Core Sets: These sets usually consist of reprints, and they're designed to provide new users with the baseline cards needed to play Magic: The Gathering.
  • Expansion Sets: Expansion sets typically contain all new cards. They often center on a particular storyline or setting.
  • Compilation Sets: Like base sets, compilation sets usually comprise reprints. Instead of providing a baseline set for new players, however, these sets are compiled by theme or event. There have been numerous compilation series over the years, including Duel Decks, From the Vault, Premium Decks, Masters, and Deck Builder's Toolkits.
What are the Magic: The Gathering playing formats?

When selecting card sets, consider the different playing formats. New players should select sets and cards that suit their gameplay. Formats include:

  • Standard: Standard refers to the Magic: The Gathering sets currently in rotation. When a set is first released, it enters Standard play. It remains there for about two years. There are usually between five and eight sets in the Standard group at any time.
  • Contemporary: These decks are constructed to abide by specific rules. They must contain 60 cards at minimum, and there's no set maximum. Users can also have 15 cards in their sideboard. There are specific cards banned and permitted in tournaments.
  • Commander: The Commander format focuses on legendary creatures and multiplayer games. Each player's deck consists of one commander card, which features a legendary creature and 99 additional cards.
How do you build a complete card set?

When building Magic duel decks, it is possible to purchase an entire set. However, there are multiple sets released every year that might be only briefly available. New players are advised to purchase recent Planeswalker decks, Deck Builder's Toolkits, and Gift Box Bundles, as they contain the cards most likely to be used in Standard play.

Why would you need a complete set?

Players may purchase a complete set for the following reasons:

  • For tournament play: Anyone assembling duel decks for serious or even professional games should seek a complete set.
  • For collecting: Many Magic: The Gathering fans choose to compile one tournament deck and a second deck for collection or display purposes.