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Lowrance Fishfinders

Lowrance Fishfinders

When you are looking for fish, you can gain an advantage by using a fishfinder. This type of technology can help you find schools and locate underwater structures where animals might be hiding. Using a fishfinder gives you eyes under the water no matter what the conditions are above it.

How do fishfinders work?

This type of marine unit will be composed of two main pieces of electronics:

  • Transducer: This unit sends sonar waves or sound waves into the water. When a wave comes in contact with something, whether it is a rock, the seabed, or a fish, the transducer determines the size and depth of the object.
  • Screen: The angler views the information on the screen after the transducer sends back the information. This communication happens in real time, so a fisherman knows exactly what is below the boat.
What types of technology do fishfinders use?

The units use cutting-edge technology to provide high-resolution images. Different fishfinders may use different sonar models. Some of the equipment includes:

  • DownScan Imaging: Instead of guessing what an object might be, a fisherman can use the crisper, clearer images that the fishfinder provides to determine if they are moving over plants, rocks, game fish, or bait fish.
  • StructureScan 3D: This is a three-channel sonar imaging tool. It not only uses the DownScan Imaging, but it also gives you side-to-side imaging. Its range can extend up to 600 feet or 183 meters, giving you a more all-around picture of where you are.
  • CHIRP Sonar: CHIRP is a step ahead of single-frequency Broadband Sounder technology, because it works on a spectrum of kHz frequencies. You can choose from low, medium, or high kHz frequencies. A fishfinder using CHIRP can better differentiate fish from structure. It can also reduce false images that may have otherwise been created by random disturbances in the water.
What are some Lowrance models?
  • Hook-5x: The marine module utilizes CHIRP Sonar and has a 5-inch color display and an optional three-panel view.
  • Elite-12 Ti: You can view information in real time with this combo fishfinder/chartplotter with a 12-inch, LED-backlit color display. It has built-in GPS, wireless capability, and StructureScan equipment.
  • HDS-12 Gen3: This high-definition Gen3 combo fishfinder and chartplotter with GPS has a 12-inch touchscreen display. It utilizes StructureScan and has plug-and-play compatibility with other electronic systems on board.
  • HDS Carbon 16 - TotalScan Transducer: The LED-backlit multi-touch display screen measures 16 inches. This combo system with GPS has a dual-core, high-performance processor and simultaneously gathers information from multiple transducers.
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