Suministros para ganadería

Livestock Supplies

Animals such as cattle dogs and livestock can be used for many utilitarian purposes, including breeding for food, herding, and selling products from the animals. In addition to feed, livestock supplies are necessary to keep your stock in plain view, healthy, and producing. There is a wide selection of available livestock supplies should you need to restock your farm.

What items will you need for your poultry?

In order to stay in optimal health, your chickens and turkeys will need protection from wild animals as well as good food to eat. Equipment and consumable items you will need include fencing, warmers, bedding, a run, and a home coop. You can use chicken wire to give yourself a clear view of the poultry, allowing you to visually check for problems. If you are concerned about rodents, raccoons, or snakes, consider an enclosure for the coop made of 19-gauge hardware cloth.

What will you need to properly start beekeeping?

Having your honey manufactured in your own backyard by tending bees can be a rewarding experience. You can use the honey as part of your livestock feed. You will want to obtain all of the essential supplies and equipment to take care of your new venture.

  • Keep yourself safe: While honey bees are not known for being aggressive, their first instinct is to protect the queen. A beekeepers suit will prevent painful stings while working in the hive.
  • Keep the hive calm: When the bees get a little too wild, you can use a bee smoker to emit smoke, causing calming hormones to be released in the bees.
  • Build the hive: Start your bees off right with a quality hive. You will need high-quality wood as well as a hive you can easily handle for proper maintenance.
What supplies do you need to begin breeding beef cows?

Beef and dairy cows are excellent choices for maintaining your supply of food. You will need supplies such as

  • Fencing: You will want a fence which is strong enough to keep out predators and view the cattle inside. You can use electricity as an additional tool.
  • Prods: A prod allows you to shock the cattle into performing a certain action when necessary. This can help keep them in the pasture if they start roaming too far.
  • Dog: While also good for a pet, your dog will help herd your livestock in the direction they need to go.
  • Food: Cattle generally maintain a vegetarian diet of grass and hay.