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Protect Your iPhone 5 with LifeProof Cases and Covers

LifeProof offers cell phone cases and covers that provide several different protective features against elemental as well as impact hazards. The products come in several different aesthetic styles and exterior designs. In addition, there are different models to choose from to meet different protective requirements.

What are some of the protective features offered?

The cases available are waterproof and able to resist damage to full submersion for a limited period of time. This protection is achieved due to the tight design of the cases around the phones they protect. The tight sealing around phone edges also provides resistance to both dust and debris. Around the headphone jack there is a plug that prevents entry of water as well. Cases also provide resistance to bumps and drops via hard plastic exteriors that undergo testing prior to release. Bezeled edges prevent slippage of phones when laid on flat surfaces and provide screen protection upon drops. Additional screen protection layers may be included with the cases depending on the individual product model. Cases without a protective screen cover may still be able to provide water resistance, however. Phone cases attach in two parts, with a front and back facing each other that snap together upon installation.

What are some of the aesthetic features?

Cases come in both patterned and solid-colored designs and feature several different aesthetic features. In addition, some of the products contain designs with front and back facings that are a different shade of the same color. Some of the solid-colored offerings for particular case models may have multiple options. The different features of the phone may contain different colors, such as the edges of the cases that provide bump resistance. Case backings may be transparent or have a cutout that allows the logo of the phone to be visible. This cutout does not affect the waterproof capability of the cases offered. Patterns available in the collection vary and contain different design themes such as nature and camouflage. Some of the different colors available include the following:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green
Are different phone models supported?

Yes, there are options for different iPhone 5 case models within a generation for some items in the collection. Availability for particular models varies on an individual product basis, however. Each iPhone 5 product is designed for a specific model within a generation and is not necessarily compatible with a particular model even if it is within the same product generation. Products containing options that span multiple generations may be available in select instances.