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Tips for Buying a Lenovo Hard Drive Caddy

Need more space for hard drives and SSD cards inside your laptop? Check out eBay's expansive selection of inexpensive Lenovo hard drive caddies to free up some space inside of your laptop.

Are there different versions of Lenovo caddies available?

There are many different models of Lenovo laptops, and eBay has a wide assortment of hard drive caddies available to match. Each Lenovo hard drive caddy fits a specific model of Lenovo Laptop. Use the list below to match your laptop with the proper caddy:

  • Lenovo M91P
  • Lenovo M92P
  • Lenovo IdeaPad
  • Lenovo ThinkPad SL400
What are some features of these Lenovo hard drive caddies?

These hard drive caddies include numerous usability features that greatly enhance the user experience. Below are some of the more prominent examples:

  • Exact fit: New models have been designed with the exact dimensions as the original equipment, which makes installation a snap.
  • Expanded space: Some models include space for more than one hard drive.
  • Pop-out design: Many of these caddies can be "popped" out from their target laptop to allow you to easily swap out different hard drives.
Are there differences between these caddies and the originals?

eBay's selection of replacement caddies come in one of two forms. They can either be refurbished parts taken from the original hardware, or they can be new, aftermarket caddies designed to function identically to the original equipment. Refurbished originals will have "Genuine" somewhere in their listing.

Original isn't always better in this case because there are some benefits to buying third-party replacement hardware. Replacement hardware has the benefit of hindsight, and their manufacturers have included some improvements upon Lenovo's original designs. For example, replacement caddies for the Lenovo Thinkpad include an easy-access eject button not present in the original. Third-party replacement hardware is also more flexible than the originals. Many of eBay's listings feature hard drive caddies that can be used with IBM laptops and PCs as well.

Are these caddies compatible with other PC hardware?

Yes, these caddies can be used for SSDs as well. SSDs are more efficient versions of hard drives, providing faster performance and more compact sizes while performing the same functions as traditional storage options. Because of this, many techies and computer enthusiasts have made the jump. These caddies will be great fits for SSD users as their adjustable fit means that fitting an SSD inside is no trouble at all.

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