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Perfect Your Pictures with a Leica Viewfinder

Many people have switched from a traditional camera to using their cell phone to take pictures, but if you want a high-quality image, a traditional camera with a viewfinder is going to be required. This allows you to zoom in on your subject with ease, center your image, and even magnify it to a degree. A Leica viewfinder magnifier is a device that is placed on the exterior of the camera to give you even more customizability when you take a photo.

What models of Leica viewfinders are available for purchase?

There are quite a few different models of Leica viewfinders available for purchase on eBay, and each will serve a different purpose, so make sure to check Leica viewfinder magnifier reviews to make sure the one that you purchase fits your needs. Some of the models available include the following:

  • Leica S viewfinder
  • Leica SL viewfinder
  • Leica M viewfinder
  • Leica Q viewfinder
What is the difference between a viewfinder and a rangefinder?

The part that you look through to see the image that your camera will take is called a viewfinder. The rangefinder is the part of the camera that superimposes ghost images into the viewfinder so that you can adjust the frame and the distance of the picture before you take it. If you have a wide lens camera, a Leica external viewfinder may be required so that the focus can be adjusted as well before you take the shot.

How much magnification can you get with a Leica viewfinder?

Leica viewfinder magnification can vary quite a bit, especially if you consider the different camera options that are available on the market. With a camera that has a 0.91x viewfinder, a 1.5 magnification will change the view to 1.36x. Some of the options include the following:

  • 0.91x - This magnification is ideal for precise, sharp images, and it was first seen on the M3.
  • 0.72x - This magnification option was originally used on the M2, and it has been used on several models since. In fact, it is still the standard choice in photography.
  • 0.68x - This is a smaller magnification of that was used on the M9.
What does parallax correction mean on a Leica viewfinder camera?

Since the viewfinder is going to be positioned on the side of the camera, the frame may feel like it is shifting a bit when you focus, but this is actually the viewfinder compensating for its position on the camera. It will also need to be adjusted when you zoom in and move closer to the subject.

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