Getting to Know About Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone 5

Leather wallet cases for the iPhone 5 provide durable, convenient storage for your Apple iPhone when you're on the go. Many of these cases also feature pouches for storing credit cards, cash, and identification so you can keep your most important belongings in one secure, easy-to-access place. These cases are slim enough to fit in a pocket or store in a backpack pouch, and they may help protect your phone and other items from spills, rain, smudges, and everyday wear-and-tear.

What designs do leather iPhone 5 wallet cases come in?

Leather cases for iPhones come in a wide variety of designs, including:

  • Zipper cover: This case unzips easily so you can retrieve your phone when you need it for a call.
  • Hardshell: Features a durable, hard exterior that helps to absorb damage.
  • Skin: Sleek and smooth, these flexible, form-fitting leather covers slip on and off your phone with ease.
  • Flip cover: These covers flip open like books and usually feature a safety strap for snapping them shut.

Some cases with flip covers are also magnetic and make opening and closing them seamless. In addition, leather cases for Apple iPhones often feature embossed designs, colorful patterns, cartoon characters, or glitter that may suit your individual tastes.

What features do leather wallet cases for iPhone 5s have?

Almost all of these cases feature pouches, slots, and pockets for storing important items, such as credit cards and identification. Some cases are also made to be shockproof so the phone doesn't break as easily if you drop it. In addition, many cases have a metal loop to make attaching them to your pants easier, or a leather strap to fasten them to your handbag or shoulder bag. Others have a detachable portion so you can remove your phone while keeping it protected. Typically, these phone cases also fold into a stand should you want to keep your Apple iPhone propped up for more convenient use or to take steadier pictures. Wristlets on some cases also make carrying them safer, while pen and pencil protectors let you store your writing utensils for easy access.

Can you access important features without removing the Apple iPhone?

These cases sometimes include convenient gaps in the leather so you can access the ports and buttons on your phone without removing it. Many cases even have a hole for the phone's camera, allowing you to take pictures while keeping the device protected.

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