Latin Dance Dress

Latin dance dresses are designed to wear during all types of dance events. They can be found in different styles, colors, and sizes. Whether youre attending a social event, a class, or a dance competition, the right dress can leave a memorable impression.

What are the basic types of dance dresses?

Most dresses are made for practice or ballroom competition. A practice dress allows you to practice a dance routine in material that is light and comfortable while experiencing the feel and movement of a competition dress. Competition dresses are designed to be eye-catching and to complement the dance steps with flowing and graceful movements. Either type of dress can be long or short, with most embellishments reserved for competition garments.

Are salsa dresses the same as Latin dance dresses?

Salsa is a type of Latin dance that originated in the rhythms of the Caribbean and Africa. There are many different types of salsa dancing, including New York style, Los Angeles style, Cuban style, and Miami style. Each style has distinctive steps, but all require that your legs are able to move freely, making above-the-knee dresses and skirts preferable.

What are some features of dance competition dresses?

Competition dresses for Latin dancing are designed to swirl, flow, and catch both light and eyes. They can be understated and elegant or brilliantly colored with dazzling decorations. They may have ruffles, long sleeves, or be sleeveless. Color is an important factor to consider when choosing a dress, as it should fit the mood of the dance chosen for the competition. The decorations are selected to express the dancers personal style and enhance movements. Some competition dance dress styles are:

  • Fringe: Emphasizes movement and fits almost any body type.
  • Patterns: Prints may be animal, floral, or abstract.
  • Sequins: Dresses may be completely covered or sequins, and beads can be placed strategically.
  • Empire Waist: Elongates the body to give the appearance of greater height.
How do you care for the dresses?

The proper care of Latin dance dresses is necessary to preserve their decorations and overall condition. Decorations such as sequins, fur, feathers, or beads are glued or sewn onto the dresses and must be handled delicately. Embellished dresses should never be machine washed or dry cleaned. If they become soiled, turn them inside out and hand wash the body sections with a mild soap. Keep the dresses in a dry area outside of plastic garment bags.