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Getting to Know LG USB phone cables

LG makes various smartphones along with other electronic devices. You rely on your smartphone to stay connected while on the go, and having the right type of USB phone cable for your device can help to keep it powered. Depending on the model of your phone, you may have a variety of USB cables to choose from.

What types of USB cords are available?
  • USB-C: This type of cable uses the USB 3.0 and the 3.1 standard. The type-C design allows the cable to be inserted into your smartphone from either side of the connection as they have the same end on both sides. Gen 2 type C can transmit data at up to 10Gbps and can deliver power up to 20V.
  • Micro USB: These cables work in a similar way as mini USB cables and contain five pins to transfer data and provide a charge to your smartphone.
  • Extension cable: Extension cables allow you to make an existing USB cable longer. These cables have male and female ends.
  • Two-in-one micro: This type has a standard USB connection that allows them to be connected to a computer. A hinged design allows the connector to be folded up to reveal a micro connection.
How do you select USB cords for your LG smartphone?
  • Gather smartphone information: You will want to know the make and model of your smartphone so you have the information needed to find the right connector for the cable.
  • Select a material: The main material used in the cables is plastic or rubber. Some cords also use braided nylon to provide extra strength.
  • Choose a length: Cables come in a variety of lengths from 1 foot to 14 feet.
  • Select a brand: If you prefer to use OEM USB phone cables, you can choose from those manufactured by LG. There are also other branded and unbranded options available that are compatible with your smartphone.
  • Choose features: These include magnetic connections that allow the cable to be secured to your smartphone. You can also opt for LED lighting that notifies you when the phone is fully charged.
What is a fast-charging unit?

A fast charger provides a higher voltage to deliver a quick charge to smartphones that have this feature. A fast charger has a built-in feature that prevents overcharging by stopping the charging process once the battery is full.

What types of charging blocks are available?
  • Wall charger: This type contains one or more USB ports on one end and a standard plug on the other end. Some wall chargers have a type-C connection as well.
  • International: These types of chargers have type-C or type-B connections along with plug-ins for Europe, UK, and other common connections.
  • Travel: Travel chargers have a rating of up to 5 volts. These typically have one or more USB connections and plug into the DC connector in your vehicle. Travel chargers can convert power from the 12-volt outlet.