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Key Things to Know Before Buying LG Plasma TVs

LG is an electronics company based in South Korea that has been in the HD plasma TV market for several years. Their plasma TVs come in a large assortment of sizes and features, so it is important to understand all the offerings before you make a decision, especially when comparing the designs. The resolution, connection types, colors, viewing angles, screen inches, and more can all vary significantly from one model to another.

What are LG Smart TV options?

A Smart television has its own operating system just like a computer or tablet. This opens up several possible features and more functionality. Some models come with an internet browser that you can control with the remote. Others have a combination of built-in and downloadable apps. These apps connect directly to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, and other services. Some Smart televisions also connect to your mobile devices for control, navigation, and streaming of content.

What special features come with an LG plasma TV?

You have many options available:

  • A selection of USB and HDMI ports for extra inputs, including models with hubs
  • 3D glasses for enjoying 3D content
  • Bluetooth, which enables data transfer and command exchange from a mobile device to your TV
  • A headphone jack for the possibility of quiet listening
What is the significance of plasma?

Plasma is one of several display technologies that can power an HDTV. Plasma is, in most cases, either no longer produced or at the end of production. This is because it is being phased out in favor of LED approaches. Plasma TV display has good color contrast and black depth, so the technology appeals to those looking for detail and accurate colors. An LG plasma TV can come in just about any size and will always be flat. Some but not all models will be wall-mountable with the proper mount and tools.

What resolutions are available?

Resolution options for LG plasma television sets range from 480p up to 1080p. If you select a TV with a higher resolution than the content you want to watch, then the TV can "upscale" the content to enhance its look. It is important to know that upscaling does not represent an actual change in resolution and the options menu will contain controls for how this feature works and whether it is off or on.

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