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Choosing the Right LG LCD Television

LG LCD televisions come in several sizes and styles. These TVs can be used in your family room, living room, home theater, or bedroom. They have many features to meet your needs including options like Wi-Fi connectivity, connections for DVD players, and connections for gaming systems.

What does LCD mean?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. Technically, both LED and LCD model televisions fall into the liquid crystal display category. This distinction from other types of TVs means that they have two layers of polarized glass that block and allow light to pass through. This type of technology was created to give a clear and precise picture for theater-style viewing at home.

What are some features on these LG TVs?

Most of these TVs come with several connectivity options, like HDMI, VGA, S-Video, Bluetooth, and component connections. These allow you to connect your satellite or cable box, your gaming systems, DVD players, and other types of entertainment to your TV and screen. Some may include more than one HDMI connection for those who have more than one HD device. Some of these TVs may also include a Wi-Fi connectivity option. New TVs and most used options will also include a remote control.

What sizes do LG LCD TVs come in?

LG LCD televisions are available in many sizes. The model to choose for your home depends on how much wall space you have available for the screen and how you plan to install the LCD TV. You can use a wall mount designed to fit the model based on the screen size. You may also just put the TV on top of an entertainment center or console if you don't want a permanent installation. The following is some information on the different sizes of TVs that are available from LG.

  • 23 inches: This size works well as a monitor for a computer or as a small kitchen TV.
  • 37 inches: This size is ideal for a small living room or bedroom.
  • 43 inches: This is another option that works well in an average-size room.
  • 55 inches: One of the most common sizes, it works well in large living rooms or family rooms.
  • 65 inches: This size makes a good option for a large den, man cave, or home theater.

See the manufacturer site for details.

How do you connect them to compatible devices?

Many LG LCD TVs allow you to easily connect them with your compatible device to stream or download content. This type of technology can be used with subscription services or connection devices that connect you directly with the desired content. To use these features, you simply have to connect your LCD model to your home Internet connection and sync your cell phone or other device. This process involves locating the compatible device on your TV connections and then syncing the two together. Most TVs can perform this function quickly with little effort on your part.

Do these TVs have smart technology?

Some LG televisions do have smart technology. With this type of technology you can go online through your LCD TV to view many free and subscription streaming services. You can also download content without having to connect with your cell phone, tablet, or computer as the smart television itself acts as the streaming or downloading device.