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Karl Kani Clothing for Men

Karl Kani is a brand of urban street wear that focuses on quality and works to create a chic aesthetic. The business was founded in 1989 when Brooklyn native Carl Williams and his business partner relocated to Los Angeles to open a clothing shop. Karl Kani continues to market products and innovations in the fashion industry.

What kind of person wears Karl Kani?

Karl Kani's aesthetic is hip-hop fashion with an old-school flavor. Hip-hop fashion changes frequently to complement the music genre it accompanies, though it continues to be characterized by baggy clothing and bold colors with an occasional hint of gold or silver. Celebrities in the hip-hop community, such as rapper/producer Dr. Dre, boxer Mike Tyson, basketball player Tim Duncan, and producer Birdman, have been seen wearing Karl Kani products.

What articles of clothing does this company offer?

Karl Kani provides many T-shirt designs. Some of the more high-end ones have gold or silver metal plate on them. The company also has hoodies in a variety of styles. Most have the typical drawstring closure and kangaroo pocket. Common attributes include short sleeves and striped trim. There is also a bubble coat made with 100% down feathers. The brand's selection of sweatpants is small but practical. These pants have deep pockets and are made of thick fleece to keep the wearer warm.

What exemplifies the Karl Kani style?

The most defining characteristic is the “Kani” signature, typically stitched in gold. If the signature is not present, there will be an alternate logo, which is a gold ribbon that says “Karl Kani Jeans.” The brand also has an affinity for stripes, vertical and horizontal. Some of the T-shirts have kangaroo pockets.

How has Karl Kani changed fashion?

Baggy jeans have been a mainstay of hip-hop fashion since its inception in the late 1970s. Karl Kani was the first to make practical designs in this style by fitting the waist while keeping the jeans big. In an attempt to thwart bootleggers, a small metal plate was added to the jeans as a sign of legitimacy. The brand was considered the first one to create a bridge between modest urban wear and the high fashion world.

What are some of the brand's classics?

The Gates Ave. Rugby T-shirt has been sold since the early 1990s. This colorful, unevenly striped shirt has a lively casual look that evokes the sounds of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. The Pac Metal Plate shirt is a wearable piece of history, with its leather and metal patch that signifies Karl Kani as the first street wear to use this as a sign of authenticity. The Kani Signature Hoodie will take the wearer back to 1989. It comes with a kangaroo pocket and striped trim.