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What to Know When Considering a Kenwood 2-Channel Car Audio Amplifier

Your amplifier can regulate speaker and subwoofer frequencies to help create clear and loud sound output. Nothing is worse than blowing out an improperly powered sub or having your stereo malfunction when youre grooving to the beat. When youre searching for a Kenwood 2-channel amplifier, there are some things that youll want to know.

Do all subwoofers require an amp?

Not all subwoofers require an amp, but most do. Low frequencies such as the ones produced by a large subwoofer create long audio waves. These extended wavelengths move a lot of air. If you are attempting to wire your subwoofer to your vehicles stereo, chances are that youre not going to have enough available power output to translate sound waves. Without a good amplifier to help regulate these low-frequency wavelengths and provide an adequate power supply, your subs cant work correctly.

How much power should your amp have?

The number of subs and speakers youre planning to use will dictate how much power youll need an amplifier to have. Understanding RMS watt ratios will help you figure out what amplifier you need.

  • One 100-watt sub or speaker - This will require an amp that has between 30 watts to 100 watts.
  • Two 100-watt subs or speakers - Youll need 60 watts to 200 watts in an amp.
  • Three 100-watt subs or speakers - Your amp should have 90 watts to 300 watts.
What is RMS power?

RMS is a power rating that youll need to understand when searching for an amp. You should use the RMS rating to pair subwoofers to your amplifier. RMS stands for Root Mean Square. This refers to the amount of continuous power is produced by an amplifier. The amount of RMS that an amp can handle should match the combined RMS output of the speaker and sub configuration youre going to use.

What kinds of amps are there?

There are many different types of amplifiers available for your cars audio system. One way that amplifiers are classified is by their channel output specifications. These channels receive small electrical signals and amplify them. Some different amps include:

  • Mono channel amps - A mono channel amp has a single available channel. These channels can be used to provide power for a pair of subs.
  • 2-channel amp -2-channel amps are great for car audio systems. They offer you the ability to power multiple components. They give you the best of both worlds. You can utilize the channels to power a pair of subs and the driver and passenger door speakers in your vehicle. Most 2-channel amplifiers can also be easily bridged.
  • 4-channel amps - These are great for offering your Kenwood system versatility, allowing you to use numerous components.
  • 5-channel amps - Like with 4-channel amps, you are powering multiple components while simultaneously bridging them for a lot of versatility with this kind of space-saving amplifier system. You can also use the fifth channel for an additional pair of high-powered subs.
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