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Jones New York Women's Pants

Created in 1975, the Jones New York brand of clothing for women offers apparel, shoes, and accessories. Jones New York women’s pants come in styles like wide leg, ankle pant, and cropped chino.

What are the pant sizes and styles offered?
  • The petite size range is 2P through 14P with an average inseam of 26 to 32 inches. The capri inseam is approximately 21 1/2 inches.
  • The regular size range is 0 to 16, with a 27- to 33-inch inseam. Capri inseams are 23 inches.
  • The plus-size group is between 16W and 28W as well as sizes 18 to 28. Pants inseams typically range between 27 and 33 inches. The capri length is usually 23 inches.
  • Tall inseams range from 32 to 36 inches.

There are 23 different pant style possibilities including the examples listed here.

  • Capri: Capris are a shorter version of a regular pant, and they usually hit between the calf and ankle. Some options in the Jones New York line are produced using spandex. Others may consist of denim, linen, or broadcloth material.
  • Casual: Many of the casual pants created by Jones New York consist of fabrics blended with spandex.
  • Corduroy: Styles by Jones New York that use this ribbed cotton fabric come in a variety of colors and designs, from black to a snakeskin look. The legs may be flared, boot cut, or straight.
  • Dress: The Jones New York dress pant comes in gray, black, or cream. They are tapered at the bottom with a button front and a zipper. Some fabrics are a polyester blend or a lined wool blend.
  • Khaki: The term khaki usually refers to very specific kind of pants. The word khaki, however, is a color that is tan or beige. Khaki pants are made of a 100% cotton using a chino twill.
Are wide-leg dress trousers available in regular sizes?

Jones New York does have a wide-leg pant option. Their dress pants are frequently a polyester and spandex blend. They also offer a wool blend version in a variety of colors, including tweed.

Does Jones New York provide leather pants for petite women?

Jones New York does offer several options for leather pants in the petite size range. Black is one option, but they're also available in brown, white, lavender, and green. Additionally, they have suede and leather trim pant availability.

Are ankle-length pants available for plus-size women?

Jones New York provides a wide variety of options in plus-size pants. One of them is a casual pant: the Lexington in pink champagne denim, for example. On the dressier end of the spectrum, the Jones New York Signature Collection provides a collection of cotton blend ankle pants with spandex.

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