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Jacuzzi Spa & Hot Tub Parts

Finding the Parts to Fix Your Spa

Spas are an enjoyable way to relax and warm up when the weather is cold, but when your Jacuzzi stops working as it should, all sorts of problems can occur. From time to time, you will need to replace various parts to ensure that you can keep on relaxing.

What Kind of Parts Can I Find?

Just some of the Jacuzzi spa parts you can find are:

  • Jets: Jets are the funnels in the sides and bottom of the tub that push the water out to create bubbles and pressure. Sometimes jets can get clogged or stop working so you should replace these when this happens.
  • Pumps: The spa pump is what makes the water go round but can fail or get blocked up. You can find replacement pump kits that are relatively straightforward to install. 
  • Heater: Nobody likes a cold spa so your heater should be in top condition throughout the year.
  • Skimmer: A hot tub skimmer is a spa part like a basket that collects large pieces of debris so they dont stop up the filter or pump. 

What Happens If I Dont Clean or Replace Parts?

You want to keep the plumbing in your spa in good condition. If it isnt, then you will get issues like:

  • Bad water chemistry: If the water chemistry is not at an optimum level then you get damage to your spa parts like the pump and hot tub cover. 
  • Health risks: Water that is dirty and unfiltered can be a breeding ground for bugs and diseases. You dont want to risk getting you or your family sick just from not taking care of your hot tub parts.
  • Dirt build up: Your filter works to remove all the dirt and contaminants from the water. If it has a block or clog, then it cannot do this, and you will get a build up of dirt that can strain the pump and even cause the power to fail. 

How Often Should I Clean or Replace My Spa Filter?

Your spa filter removes dirt and debris from your water but you will need to clean out residue, body oils, and bacteria from the filter yourself. You should make sure that you have the necessary cleaning agents and  tools to be able to do this effectively. Different levels of cleaning are necessary; for example:

  • Bi-weekly: Every couple of weeks you should remove the filter from your spa and give it a thorough rinsing with your filter brush. 
  • Every 3 months: The water in your spa needs changing every 3 months and the filter soaked overnight in a suitable cleaning agent. 
  • Annually: Replace annually to ensure that all of your hot tub parts like the power pack are working smoothly. If your filter shows signs of wear and tear earlier than this, by all means replace it. 

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