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An AFC expansion team at the end of last century, the Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL ranks in 1995. They made the playoffs and the conference championship game the very next season and went on to win at least 11 games per year the three subsequent seasons. With the teams healthy amount of history created in a short time, Jacksonville Jaguars helmets represent the highs and lows of the franchise.

What types of Jaguars helmets are there?

Jacksonville headgear comes in a wide range of options. The most prominent is the authentic NFL player version. These are the same shapes and sizes of the helmets real players wear during games, even if they arent the same exact pieces off a players own head.

Other headpieces are more decorative and are not regulation size. These include scale display helmets that can come propped on bases or covered in a glass case. They can be signed or autographed, which adds variety to the piece.

There are also a number of toy helmets sporting the Jaguars and leagues insignia. Toys come life-size to hand-held size. They are made of a softer plastic than the league-used equipment would be. They often lack all the pieces as well, including full chin straps, padding, and face mask strapping. The resemblance is more in the style, coloring, logo, and finish.

What designs are there for authentic Jacksonville headgear?

The Jaguars have gone through a number of different designs over the years. The standard logo is a snarling, open-mouthed jaguar head, baring its teeth. Its tongue is evident, colored in the Jacksonville turquoise that makes it stand out against the black mouth and yellowish fur of the animals outside.

The Jacksonville color scheme varies depending on the season. Certain helmets sport the blended black and gold. The matte black starts at the face and fades back, blending into the gold, which then encapsulates the rear portion of the head.

Other color schemes are simpler. There are pieces in full gold, full black, or even full white, though the latter doesnt represent a real Jaguars style used in-game. Bright, bold options utilize a full turquoise head with gold face mask and white straps. Others have a solid base color, like white, with colored stripes running the length of the middle.

In what sizes do Jacksonville NFL helmets come?

The Jaguars gear is large enough to fit heads of all sizes because standard equipment comes packed with padding. Headgear on the market, even authentic or replica versions, would have replacement or replica padding as well, so the space inside is far greater than one would need.

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