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Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes While Traveling in a Vehicle With JL Audio Car Speakers

JL Audio car speakers can play your favorite tunes in an effective way because they have audio channels with a high-frequency range. On eBay, you'll find dozens of mobile speakers from this brand for traditional and sporty automobiles. Because these speakers are manufactured in a variety of colors, you can easily select audio equipment that matches the interior components in a current or classic vehicle.

What are the design options for JL Audio speakers?

Many new and preowned JL Audio speakers on eBay are one solid color or have two-toned colors. The pieces that have a solid color scheme are usually black, and the two-toned options have a layer of black and another bright color, such as yellow. Both types of speakers have a circular frame that's 6.5 inches. Check the manufacturer_x001A_s website for measurement details. You'll also find large and long affordable JL Audio speakers on eBay that have a rectangle base.

What are the technical specs for JL Audio speakers?

JL manufactures two types of speakers that produce sounds differently in a vehicle_x001A_s cabin. The standard options are the following:

  • Coaxial speakers: These speakers are designed with a driver. As sound waves move through a coaxial speaker, the driver radiates the energy to a specific zone. JL coaxial speakers have two-way or three-way audio components that mount within a woofer.
  • Component speaker: A component speaker has an enhanced sound quality. It's usually configured with midbass drivers and a tweeter, and crossover components are combined with these items to manage the frequency range.
What are the performance options for JBL bass speakers?

Bass speakers by JL Audio have different audio components that generate dramatic sounds. When music is playing, a JL Audio subwoofer

  • Produces deep notes: When bass sounds travel through a JL bass speaker, the hardware produces deep lows. This means that you'll hear deep pitches and rich thumping sounds.
  • Reduces distortion: JL bass speakers minimize distortion during songs that contain electronic instruments. The hardware accomplishes this by boosting gain.
  • Enhances tones during tracks: The crossover hardware makes changes as sounds blast out of bass speakers. This feature makes bass notes sound smooth throughout an entire track.
What are the hardware specs for JL Audio speakers?

Every JL Audio speaker is constructed out of functional materials that move sound effectively around a vehicle cabin. Although some units will have unique components, a typical speaker will feature a:

  • Polypropylene cone: A polypropylene cone is lightweight and water-resistant. It gives music practical sound characteristics.
  • Ferrite magnet: This magnet is a key component that impacts how songs sound. The ferrite type gives sound waves a unique tone.
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