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Learn more about Pokémon JAKKS Pacific 

JAKKS Pacific makes a number of Pokémon toys that capture the sense of adventure that the series conveys. Many of these electronic Pokémon toys include sculpted shells that make them every bit as fun to collect as they are to play. JAKKS Pacific Pokémon toys can be a great choice for fans of the Pokémon series.

What are JAKKS Pokémon games inspired by?

JAKKS Pacific commissioned collectibles were modeled after both separate Pokemon universes. The television animé that Ash and company call home is very different from the world of the Pokémon video games. That's why JAKKS artists took the time to create separate versions of both their Pokéball and Pokédex collectibles. They also released some Pokédex updates that include characters from the Sinnoh region.

What stand-alone Pokémon toys did JAKKS Pacific bring to market?

In addition to the variety of Pokémon network toys and electronic games, JAKKS Pacific brought some stand-alone Pokémon toys to market. Collectors only need the toys themselves if they want to get started playing right away. Some stand-alone Pokémon toys include:

  • Double Screen Pokémon Travel Toys
  • Red's Electronic Pokédex
  • Pokédex Deluxe
  • Electronic Talking Battle Dimensions Pokéball
  • Game and Belt Pokéball

What collectible Pokémon sets are under the JAKKS Pacific brand?

The JAKK Company put together a number of collectible sets that feature more than one toy that can be used with the other pieces in each set. These sets grew when more monsters were added to the list of Pokémon. Some of these feature various marquee brands, but the JAKK Company released these Pokémon play sets under the JAKKS Pacific name:

  • Battle Dome
  • Sinnoh Region
  • Fossil Regeneration Station
  • Diamond and Pearl Vehicle Set
  • JAKK Throw Ball Set

How do you use working Cranidos action figures?

If you have the paleontology role play set, then you can actually convert Cranidos action figures between their fossil and natural states. Use the miniature crane to distribute the pieces throughout the plastic role play set, and then activate the conversion button to pop your Cranidos figure out. For example, you can imagine that you're on Cinnabar Island converting fossils into living Pokémon.

What features did JAKKS Pacific add to the Unova Pokédex?

Each Unova Pokédex toy from JAKKS Pacific comes with an electronic search function that lets you immediately find the monster that you're looking for without having to scroll through a list. You can also sort Unova Pokémon by size, type, and index number. This makes the electronic talking toy much closer to the Pokédex that characters in the game use.

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