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J. C. Penney Bedding

With new bedding like a comforter set, you can transform the look of your bedroom. JCPenney makes products in this category that are suitable for beds of just about any size. You'll find collections and products in a variety of colors and patterns.

What size should you choose?

JCPenney comforter sets come in standard sizes like king, queen, and twin. Larger beds will need bedding in a king or queen size. You can pick a full-size comforter that is slightly smaller than a queen as well. Twin comforter sets are suitable for a child's room. You'll also find bedding sets in somewhat unusual sizes, like an extra-long or California king. A California king fits most large beds.

What should you look for in a comforter set?

JCPenney makes standard comforters that will work with your existing bedding. These comforter sets usually come with additional items, such as the ones listed here:

  • Pillowcases: A comforter set can come with two or more cases that fit over standard pillows. These cases have one open end for easy setup.
  • Shams: You may want to look for sets that come with shams, too. Shams are usually placed over decorative pillows and have an open space in the back so that you can easily slip them over your pillow.
  • Bed skirt: Some of JCPenney's comforter sets come with bed skirts. The included skirt will be in a pattern or color that coordinates with the comforter. It fits on top of the box spring or support and underneath the mattress.
  • Decorative pillows: A small number of JCPenney comforter sets may come with one or more decorative pillows in a matching design. You can place these items on your bed to create a pulled-together look in the room.
  • Sheets: Some comforter sets include matching sheets.
What is a hypoallergenic comforter?

A hypoallergenic comforter is one that’s made from materials designed for use by people with allergies. These comforter sets from JCPenney can be used by people with asthma or other breathing conditions so that they can sleep easier at night.

What colors and patterns does the JCPenney collection use?

JCPenney comforter sets come in a wide range of colors, such as white, black, blue, and green. You can also find bedding with floral prints or other attractive patterns. The materials that you can choose from include flannel, jersey, and cotton. A comforter made from cotton uses your own body heat to help you feel warmer. JCPenney comforter sets may come with a cotton comforter and flannel sheets. Jersey bedding mimics the look and feel of T-shirts and similar clothing.

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