Inflatable & Kid Pools

Inflatable & Kid Pools

At the first sign of summer, you can set up a swimming pool just for your kids. They can throw their own swimming parties and invite their friends over for a quick swim. Since these products come in so many sizes and designs, you need to know what to look for to keep your children safe and happy.

How do you choose an inflatable swimming pool?

The swimming pool that you pick may be small enough for just a few kids or have enough space for the whole family. Inflatable models have sides that you inflate with air before adding water and may come with extra toys. You need to know which factors are most important.

  • Height: The height of the inflatable pool will vary based on the height of your kids. Some models sit just a few inches off the ground and are safe for young children. Others stand three feet or more off the ground. The height may be slightly deeper in the center than on the sides.
  • Size: Size is another factor that depends on your children. Basic models in a round shape can measure just three feet across. If you have lots of kids playing at your home in the summer, youll need a larger one.
  • Setup: Read the directions and description to find out how quickly you can set up the pool. It can take 15 minutes or more to inflate the sides and even longer to fill with water. Models that you place on the ground and fill with water are easier to set up.
  • Age range: Check the age range of the swimming pool, especially if you have more than one child in your family. The child age range may run from 3 years old to 12 years old. Some inflatable models are suitable for babies and toddlers.
What other features can you look for?

When choosing a swimming pool for your kids, look for features that add to your children’s swimming fun. Some come with inflatable slides that let kids slide into the water. Others have decorative canopies that cover the center of the water and help kids stay out of the sun while swimming. An inflatable pool might come with an inflatable sprinkler too. You hook this sprinkler up to your water supply to let children run through the water and splash around to cool off. Other swimming pools are large enough for kids to play in them with their favorite toys.

What are character and licensed pools?

Character and licensed models are inflatable pools that feature characters across the center and sides. Youll find inflatable pools that use Hello Kitty, Dora, and other cartoon characters.