Industrial Refrigerant Recovery Units

Frequent Questions about Refrigerant Recovery Machines

Refrigerant recovery machines are essential HVAC service tools that safely extract environmentally harmful gases from refrigeration equipment. Models are available on eBay that are designed for a variety of settings ranging from automotive service work to industrial refrigeration equipment.

Why is a refrigerant recovery machine needed?

Whether its an industrial-scale refrigeration unit or a cars air conditioner, regulations exist in many countries that require that the refrigerant in a cooling system be removed in a way that prevents its release into the atmosphere. Recovery machines provide a solution by pumping refrigerants out of their compressor tanks and into a separate storage tank. Afterwards, the extracted gas can be reused or disposed of in way thats safe for the environment.

Whats the best way to choose a refrigerant recovery machine?

When choosing a brand and model recovery machine, it can be just as important to assess your own needs as it is to consider the features of each model. Consider the following factors and features as you narrow down your list of candidates in this eBay category.

  • Volume needed: This is one of the first requirements to consider. Try to determine the maximum volume of refrigerant you would need to extract, and find models that match that requirement with some room to spare.
  • Types of refrigerants: Make sure the models you consider can handle the specific substances youll need them to pump and store.
  • Pumping speed: This is a factor to consider if you need to remove large volumes of gas or need to do it quickly.
  • Automatic functions: Some machines are more automated than others. Do you need something simple, or do you prefer to have manual control of the process?
What accessories and parts are available for these machines?

Theres a host of accessories, tools, and spare parts that you may find useful with a recovery machine, whether you work on industrial refrigeration systems or small home appliances.

  • Storage tanks
  • Hookup tools
  • Valve core removal tools
  • Pre-filter hoses
  • Inlet and pre-filter hose kits
Is it necessary to extract ammonia from refrigeration systems?

Check with your local environmental laws and regulations. In the US, ammonia is not considered a greenhouse gas and can be released into the atmosphere. It is a toxic substance, however, so be sure to take the precautions required to handle ammonia safely.