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How to Select an Incipio Case or Cover for Your iPhone

When you have just bought a new phone and want to personalize it, these cases and covers provide you with a wide array of different designs and themes. Some of the features that can come equipped with these cases include card pockets, kickstands, and screen protectors. They can also come in a wide range of color options that include blue, red, silver, and green.

What are some designs and finishes available with these cases?

These cases can be outfitted with a large number of different designs and finishes, the most common of which include glossy and matte finishes. Some of the additional finishes include jeweled and metallic. A number of the different designs that you can select include pictorial, plain, patterned, and transparent.

Which materials are these cases and covers made from?
  • Leather: This is a type of material that is made from the skin of an animal. It is then taken through a tanning process before being used in the making of smartphone cases. This material is primarily used for the creation of wallet cases.
  • Rigid plastic: This is a type of hard plastic that is designed to have practically no flexibility to it. It is commonly used as the top layer of hybrid cases and offers a fair amount of protection.
  • Aluminum: This is a soft metal that is lightweight and comes in a silvery-gray color. It is oftentimes combined with other lightweight metals in order to create an aluminum alloy. This metal is mostly used in the making of shell cases and fitted cases.
  • Polyester: This is a material that is synthetic and is known to be either a thermoset or thermoplastic material. It can be made into textile fibers by first going through a melting process. This material is commonly combined with natural fabrics like cotton in order to create a blended fabric.
What are the different types of iPhone 5 cases available to select?

Some cases to consider for your Apple iPhone like the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s include:

  • Bumper case: This cover comes with a raised edge design and is meant to be fitted onto the edges of a smartphone. Some of these cases come with a backing while many are made from either natural rubber or synthetic silicone.
  • Hybrid case: This comes with two separate and distinct materials. They are typically used as two layers on top of the screen of the device. The top layer is usually comprised of a rigid plastic with the second layer consisting of silicone.
  • Fitted case: This is a type of thin case designed primarily to be snapped onto the back of a smartphone. Some of these cases come with a screen protector that will cover the phone display as well.
  • Wallet case: This usually comes in leather and has a slim design where the phone is placed into the right section of the case with the left section folding over the phone.
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