Hunting Tree Climbing Stands

Hunting Climbing Tree Stands

A climbing tree stand allows huntsmen to have a higher vantage point to hunt from a seat within a tree. Being above ground level, a climber tree stand keeps the woodsman out of sight and helps to conceal the woodsmans scent. It is easy to climb using a tree stand.

What is a climber tree stand?

While some tree stands require a ladder to access, a climber tree stand allows you to scale hardwoods with the tree stand itself and sit in a seat at a desirable height. A climber tree stand seat secures to a tree by putting weight on metal teeth that wedge into the bark of a hardwood with the huntsmans own weight. The lack of a ladder means that you will not have to leave the stand behind.

How do you safely use a climber tree stand?

Weight restrictions and limits of climbing tree stands are different for most models, and an owners manual should always be followed when attempting to use a climber stand. By using the safety tips in the owners manual, the risk is reduced.

  • Make sure to pick a healthy tree that isnt likely to have bark breaking off. Adjust the tree stand to suit the trees width according to the owners manual.
  • Always use a belt with a harness whenever climbing a hunting stand, and avoid climbing in hazardous or slippery conditions.
  • Have three secure points of contact on every surface you are climbing or standing on to avoid slipping or losing balance.
  • Before hunting in a tree stand, always make sure you let someone know where you are and have a way to contact someone for emergencies.
  • Inspect your hunting stand along with any equipment regularly for wear or breaks in welds.
How do you get your gear into a climbing tree stand?

Many woodsmen will use a haul line to safely move gear into a hunting stand. A haul line allows you to use a climbing tree stand with your hands free instead of holding the gear as you climb to the summit.

To use a haul line:

  • Secure the haul line to the tree so that it is within reach of your hunting tree stand.
  • Firmly tie any equipment you will need in the climbing tree stand to the end of the haul line before climbing.
  • Slowly scale the tree with your climbing stand and safely secure yourself at the top.
  • As you sit, pull your gear up with the haul line, and dont overreach for your gear.
What type of harnesses work with a climbing tree stand?

Any harnesses with a safety belt and tether designed for tree stands will prevent a hunter from a fatal fall from a climbing stand. Summit harnesses are safety graded and inspected to hold the full weight of a hunter without major failures. Most harnesses come in a variety of sizes to support the huntsmans weight and size. As with all safer harnesses, always follow the owners manual and replace the gear if it becomes expired.