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What Are Some Tips for Decorating a Mantel?

A beautiful mantel infuses a room with a warm home-and-hearth atmosphere. Festive gourds, cattails, greenery, and gingham bows make attractive adornments for the fall and winter holidays. The rest of the year, try layering a variety of framed photos in several sizes, or flank a large mirror with short and tall candles. Additional accessories include antique clocks, vintage hourglasses, live plants, and other favorite knickknacks.

What Is a Trivet?

When envisioning a trivet, most people think of a decorative wood, ceramic, or metal slab placed between a hot pot or serving bowl and a counter or tabletop to protect the surface. Traditionally, this type of trivet features three short legs that elevate the hot vessel away from the surface to allow air flow underneath, but many modern trivets sit flush with the tabletop. A trivet also refers to a tripod stand that keeps pots elevated for cooking over an open fire.

What Is the Difference Between a Bassinet and a Cradle?

A bassinet is a sleeping space for infants that is smaller and cozier than a crib. Many resemble hooded baskets that sit atop a stationary or wheeled stand, and parents can remove the basket to carry a sleeping baby from room to room. A cradle is also a sleeping space for babies, but it does not usually move from room to room. Made from wood, wicker, metal, or plastic, cradles typically employ some type of rocking mechanism for soothing the infant.