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Hikvision Home Security Cameras

Choosing the Right Home Security Camera with Audio

You can give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home-security cameras are always on and capturing video when youre not there. One benefit of choosing a Hikvision camera is that they also include audio-recording features, so you can both see and hear whats happening when intruders try to break into your home, which can give you more information about this frightening situation.

What Are Some Types of Available Cameras?

Most cameras, regardless of whether they are CCTV cameras or IP cameras, are categorized by their type. This essentially refers to the shape of the camera, and choosing one is ultimately a matter of both personal preference and where you plan to install the camera.

  • A dome camera is self-explanatory since its shaped like a curved dome, and these unobtrusive cameras work well for outdoor purposes. Since you can mount them in corners or underneath eaves, they also blend in well and are not as noticeable as other types of CCTV models can be.
  • One of the most common types of security cameras is the box camera. You may use one of these when you dont mind people knowing that you have a security system in place or when you want them to act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, as theyre larger and stand out more with their long rectangular shape.
  • The company also makes turret cameras that have a specific design shape. These look like a dome thats been cut in half, making them a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

What Features Do Security Cameras Have?

When you are purchasing a camera from this brand, there are numerous features to take into consideration as you make your choice.

  • A built-in mic allows you to pick up every word and noise from your camera, which can help you to relay accurate information to the police when your homes been broken into.
  • Some models can be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor cameras sometimes feature infrared technology, so even when its dark, youll get clear video clips via night vision. They also often include weatherproofing features, so your camera wont become disabled or damaged during inclement weather.
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom features let you zero in on any intruders, and with clear and crisp HD video, you wont miss a single detail.

Which Hikvision Models Can You Purchase?

There are a few models from this brand to consider, so youll want to select the one that meets your needs. For larger homes, you can purchase a bundle that includes multiple cameras that you can place around your home in locations that include the backyard, by the front door, and/or near the garage.

  • The DS-2DE3304W-DE is a dome model that offers indoor and outdoor features and IP connectivity.
  • Check into the DS-2CD2T42WD-I5, which is a bullet/box model with high-definition, 1080p quality images.
  • A fisheye model like the 6MP DS-2CD63262F-IV can stay hidden when you need to keep security under wraps. Its features include a CMOS sensor, night vision, and motion detection.

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