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How to Buy a Portable Clock Radio

You find yourself wanting to stay in touch with information or listen to music when camping, or maybe you enjoy waking up to your favorite station. You also want to be prepared just in case an emergency occurs. Listening to audio on the go, having a reliable alarm clock to wake up to, and always being in touch with important information are just some of the reasons that consumers continue to purchase radios even with the prominence of modern smartphones.

What are the most commonly used radio signals?

Amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM) are two types of radio signals.

  • AM radio came about in the 1870s, with FM development occurring in the 1930s.
  • Sound quality is better with FM signals, which is why many music and talk stations use it. AM is still used by smaller radio stations and by emergency information systems, like those for weather or traffic.
  • Most radios can receive both signal types, and presets can be stored for both.

Which features do alarm clock radios have?

As with most radios, these portable units can allow consumers to listen to entertainment and information, but also make use of functional aspects like clocks and alarms.

  • An alarm clock radio can be set to play a certain station when the alarm clock function goes off. Some can also display the day of week and date. Tuning can be manually done, but many have preset options to store favorites for instant access, and Bluetooth connectivity allows some radios to be used as speakers for smartphones and other electronics.
  • Some units have headphone jacks, meaning that the radio can be listened to by one person rather than by using the speaker.
  • Features like flashlights or phone-charging ports can make certain radios more appropriate for emergencies. Crank charging can prevent a dead radio when it is most needed and also allows the unit to be used while camping.

What kinds of clock radios are there?

From rugged units built for emergencies to more refined designs made for display, clock radios can fit most situations.

  • Radios built for emergencies are usually bulky as part of their design, as they are made to withstand drops and extreme weather conditions. Flashlights, charging ports, and other emergency features are often found on this type, and many manufacturers make emergency radios, including Jensen.
  • Clock radios can also be made in very small form factors, allowing them to be carried in pockets and other small spaces. They often have the same functionality as their larger counterparts do, and companies like Sony make small alarm clock radios to fit the needs of consumers who are on the go.
  • Alarm clock radios built for use in the home can still be used on the go if they are battery powered. These tabletop units have refined design that makes them appealing to the eye. Digital displays make the clock time and station information readable, and Sangean produces clock radios that are even made with black leatherette material.

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