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Hatch Fly Reel Fishing Reels

Expand Your Fishing Options With a Hatch Reel

Hatch produces a variety of fly fishing reels and related equipment. You will find a huge selection of their new and pre-owned fishing reels on eBay. Exploring the various options and features you can choose for each Hatch reel will help you find the products that meet your fishing preferences.

Selecting a line weight for your Hatch reel

The line weight of a fishing reel refers to how many pounds of resistance the line can take under normal conditions. Shopping by line weight is one way you can find the reel that meets your needs. Each line weight has its uses depending on the kind of rod you are using and what type of fish you expect to catch. You may wish to pick up Hatch reels with several line weight specifications to make sure you have what you need on hand to catch fish of any size. Common line weights you can choose from often have an upper range that includes ratings such as 4, 8, or 11 pounds in total. Choose the line weight that matches the approximate weight of the species of fish in your favorite spot.

Can you choose different types of reels?

Hatch reels come in different styles or types to meet different fly fishing needs. If you know the type you would like to try, you can use the helpful categories on eBays sidebar to select the option that works for you. All types of reels are useful depending on where and what you plan to fish. Note that some new or used Hatch reels may include an extra reel. Some common reel types produced by Hatch include:

  • Mid-Arbor - These Hatch reels represent standard fly fishing reels. The arbor is one indication of the diameter of the reel.
  • Large-Arbor - A reel of this type will often have a larger overall diameter. If you need to cast out far and reel the line in quickly, you may wish to use this type of reel.

Hand retrieval options for Hatch reels

Each Hatch reel has a lever on one side that you can use to draw your line in once youve caught a fish. You may wish to choose a reel based on the hand retrieve specifications it uses. Reels can have levers on the left or right sides, and you may find one side more convenient to use based on your dominant hand.

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