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A Panoramic View Into the Hasselblad Xpan

The versatile Hasselblad Xpan is a rangefinder style of camera. It?s absent of a mirror like those of SLRs. Find lots of new and used options at affordable prices on eBay.

What type of images does an Xpan take?

Hasselblad is known for its medium-format frame that creates a horizontal image in most cases. This is a setting in photography that takes on a 3:1 ratio at times. These dimensions are the start of a great panorama image. The images you capture will all be manual with this model. You have to set the aperture and shutter speeds based on the conditions you?re in. The shutter will dictate how fast the camera?s iris opens and closes. Slow speeds are ideal for still frames while faster shutters are ideal for moving targets that need to be captured in a moment?s notice.

Does the Xpan shoot with a display window?

Setting the mode in a viewfinder is necessary. The lens will capture an image and then reflect it within the camera?s body. The camera?s viewfinder works at waist level, and your objective is to line up the two images that get presented to you. The alignment means that your image is in focus and ready to be shot. Here are the lens capacities that you can find on eBay:

  • 45mm: This lens is standard for the Xpan camera when using a roll of film.
  • 90mm: This range is a good parameter for wide shots that contain up-close details.
  • 30mm: The image from this lens is enhanced with a center filter to help stabilize your exposure.

How do panoramic formats work in an Xpan?

Light enters through a Hasselblad camera lens and is then preserved within the viewfinder. The view is key to capturing the angles and widths you?re looking for. This model from Hasselblad then does all of the work for you. It captures frames in a standard wide format that consists of a common 2:1 ratio. This means that the ratios of the camera are often twice as wide as they are tall.

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