How to Choose a Motorcycle Phone Case for an iPhone

Protecting your iPhone is of the utmost importance because no one wants to pay big bucks for a replacement display screen or (worse) an entirely new phone. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands when you select a rough-and-tumble Harley-Davidson case for your smartphone and combine your rugged personality with the right protection for your device.

What Are Some Case Types?

Known for its motorcycles, gear, and accessories branded with the famous Harley logo, Harley-Davidson offers a few types of cases meant to both protect your cell and express your personality.

  • A wallet case or phone pouch has room for your phone as well as other items like small tools, cash, or credit cards.
  • A rigid, snap-on case fits your phone's exact specifications to provide impact resistance and has a slim-fitting silhouette that you can slip into your pocket with ease.
  • Choose a flip or folio case that flips open to reveal your phone and may or may not have added storage inside for small items or essentials.

What Case Features Are Available?

Selecting a case is about more than just materials or aesthetics, because not only does the case have to offer the right level of protection, but it has to be conducive to your lifestyle as well.

  • A case with a belt clip allows you to keep your phone nearby when you need to access it quickly, and you don't have to worry about it falling out of your pocket since the case has a loop that slips over your belt or a clip you snap onto it.
  • A sturdy two-piece case has back and front components that secure your phone inside, ensuring that both the display and the exterior are protected.
  • When you choose a leather pouch or wallet model, you don't have to have a separate case for your ID or cash because you can stash it all in one convenient spot.

What Are Some Case Models?

There are a few models to consider when you're looking for the right Harley-Davidson logo case.

  • The iPhone Wallet Folio model offers a soft and sleek leather design to go with spaces for your cash and cards. You can also fold it up to use it as a kickstand and secure it with a magnetic closure.
  • A belt-loop case that looks like a pouch lets you slide your phone inside and close the case with a foldover flap. The entire pouch slides onto your belt loop via a clip and keeps your iPhone protected inside.
  • A hard-shell case is an option for optimal protection. It comes with a rigid plastic case and a screen protector, so when your phone flies off your bike, you may get lucky and walk away with no damage whatsoever. In addition, the screen protector is made from sturdy tempered glass.