Halo TV Movie Video Game Action Figures

Action figures are an excellent way for fans to show their loyalty to a particular video game, movie, or TV show. Halo (by Bungie) fans will find there are multitudes of action figures from the Halo universe that you can choose from. Whether opened or unopened and original or not, these Halo collectibles can be an addition to any Halo shrine.

Which character from the Halo games are available?

If you are interested in characters from the Xbox and Xbox 360 Halo games, almost all, if not all, Halo characters are included in the lineup of action figures from various companies. Mattel created a Mega Bloks set that includes the entire UNSC Victor Squad. Mega Bloks also has a series of standalone figurines. Some of the characters depicted from the popular Bungie game are Spartan Athlon, Shipmaster Let 'Volir, Roland, Spartan Helljumper, Spartan Grant, and Spartan Jun-A266 from the Noble team. The brand Kotobukiya has also produced a Master Chief statue and Spartan Helioskrill. While these are some of the more recent Halo characters released, there are several other popular options to choose from.

How can you use the Bungie game Halo action figures?

You can recreate epic multiplayer scenes with friends from the game like those seen in Firefight campaign mode. Pick and choose battles between characters and create your own Halo video content. Hop on the Xbox or Xbox 360 to refresh your Halo memory and reenact a favorite Noble Team scene with your favorite Noble Team characters. If you would rather preserve the action figures, find a safe place where you can set up the figures to show your appreciation for the popular Xbox and Xbox 360 characters.

What are the dimensions of the Bungie Xbox game figurines?

Pick and choose between a varying degree of sizes. Larger multiplayer models, like those from the Noble Team, serve as exciting décor that will show your commitment to and love of the popular Bungie games. For instance, Jakks Pacific's Halo (by Bungie) Master Chief is 31" tall. There are also miniature models for people who may want a Noble Team collection that is less intrusive. Dimensions of smaller models, like that of McFarlane Toys' Halo 3 Lot of 9 Multiplayer/Campaign Figures, measure only between 5-6". Action figures that are smaller, larger, and in-between in size are also available. A multiplayer mindset will require more Halo (by Bungie) action figures. Consider your own personal tastes and environment to figure out what size would be ideal for you and whether or not you want multiplayer capabilities to reenact campaign modes like Firefight.