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Hallmark Greeting Cards and Invitations

Since 1910, Hallmark has been producing greeting cards, invitations, and other party goods. A greeting card gives you the option to send someone a greeting on their special or memorable day, whether it be to wish someone happy holidays, happy birthday, congratulations on their wedding, or even to offer condolences. Hallmark greeting cards and invitations feature a wide range of conservative or free-spirited slogans, colors, shapes, and styles, so you can easily find a suitable card or invitation for your specific occasion.

For what occasions does Hallmark produce greeting cards and invitations?

Greeting cards and invitations from Hallmark typically feature slogans and designs to celebrate the following events:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Baby shower
  • Congratulations
  • Invitation to a party or wedding
  • Religious event like a baptism, confirmation, or bar mitzvah
  • Preschool, high school, college, or graduate school graduation
  • Special day, celebration, or other exciting event
What are common embellishments on Hallmark cards or eCards?

Some Hallmark cards may just be printed cardboard that is folded in half, but many have additions attached to decorate the card or invitation. Some of the things you can find to send to recipients include:

  • Pop-ups: There might be various pop-ups in the card to add a three-dimensional design.
  • Sound: Pre-recorded music or other sounds will play when the card is opened.
  • Buttons: The card has a button attached, which becomes something for the recipient to wear.
  • Metallic accents: These can include shiny or glittery accents.
  • Ribbon: Ribbons may be used to tie the card shut or to decorate the cover.
  • Personalization: These cards enable you to personalize it by recording your own message or by writing additional details in certain areas.
How do you choose which cards or eCards to send?

Consider the following before purchasing Hallmark cards, invitations, or eCards:

  • Purpose: Think about the reason for sending the greeting card to find a card with the right words and design.
  • Recipient: You may want a card specifically addressed to a sibling, spouse, or other type of person.
  • Theme: Find a theme that works for you, whether it's funny, sentimental, elegant, or simple.
  • Quantity: Determine how many cards you need to send based on how many people you are mailing greetings to or inviting to a party, wedding, or celebration of a special day. Some cards from Hallmark are sold in bulk boxes.
What sizes of Hallmark greeting cards and envelopes are available?

Most greeting cards and invitations are rectangles that can fit into classic envelope sizes. Though there are some specialty cards with unusual dimensions, most greeting cards will be available in these sizes:

  • 5x7: These fit in an A7 envelope.
  • 4 1/2 x 6 1/8: You will find that these fit in an A6 envelope.
  • 4 1/4 x 5 1/2: A2 envelopes are used for this size of card.