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How to Shop for HP Desktops and All-in-Ones

When it comes to having a home computer, desktop types remain a top option for people, especially those for which gaming or work is a priority. HP desktops allow you the liberty to build networks and infrastructure, while providing durable, long-lasting components that allow you to enjoy your device for years. There are several different types of desktop computers made by HP, with one certain to be the one that fits your needs.

What Is the Difference Between a Desktop and All-in-One?

Essentially, there phrase all-in-one refers to a desktop computer (and, occasionally a laptop) that has everything you need to get started right out of the box. This means that an all-in-one:

  • Has a separate monitor and included cables
  • Has a wired or wireless keyboard and cables, if needed
  • Has a mouse included as well
  • Occasionally, a printer is included as part of a bundle

Think of this type as quite synonymous with a plug and play computer. These devices also come complete with an operating system, typically Windows, and that is often either Windows 8 or Windows 10, depending on the make and model. 

What Are Key Computer and HP Features?

When it comes to shopping for a desktop, there are a few key things you should look at before you buy, such as:

  • Processor - Usually, a desktop will feature a fast Intel processor with high GHz. Look for a dual-core or quad-core Intel model for fast speeds.
  • Software - Look at what software (and hardware) is included with the device, particularly if its a bundle
  • Operating system - Make sure that the desktop has some version of Windows installed. Windows 8 or higher is good, but all versions of Windows can be upgraded later on.
  • Hard drive - The type and capacity of hard drive is important. Look for an SSD (solid state drive) that offers capacities of 500 GB or above.
  • Capabilities - Make sure the device has all the connectivity you need, such as Bluetooth, if desired, and USB and HDMI ports and cables.
  • RAM - A computers memory is quite important, especially if gaming is a hobby of yours, or you work with graphics-heavy programs. RAM can be upgraded at a later time; just make sure the model you pick offers that capability.

What Other Accessories Do I Need?

If you opt for the model that comes complete with monitor, mouse and keyboard, other items and accessories are up to you. However, common home workstations require:

  • A printer and scanner (one with fax capabilities is a plus)
  • Headphone or earbuds for private listening
  • Extra RAM to upgrade the memory in the unit 
  • Computer or wireless speakers
  • External hard drive, to store extra movies, multimedia and photos

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