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Choosing the Right Stream PC Laptops and Notebooks

A stream PC, like a laptop or notebook, is meant for streaming and sharing videos online. While that's its main purpose, you can also use these laptops and notebooks for other activities like using Office 365 and OneDrive for documents, browsing the internet, and playing video games.

Stream laptops and notebooks stream the events on your computer screen. They can also share video from the computer's webcam. Gamers and YouTube creators often use powerful stream PCs (like the HP Stream 14 laptop) to livestream their gaming sessions and reactions. Buffer-free live-streaming often requires a dual-band Wi-Fi or Ethernet Internet connection. 

What is a stream PC?

The only difference between stream PCs and regular computers is that stream laptops and notebooks need higher quality processors, memory capacity, and graphics cards. The most important hardware components in a stream PC for sale are: 

  • Processor: The processor, also known as the CPU, controls the input and output functions of your computer. The clock speed of your computer processor (measured in GHz) determines how quickly your computer can process and respond to user commands. Streaming video from your computer screen or webcam requires significant processing power. Therefore, HP PC laptops and notebooks intended for streaming are fitted with a powerful quad-core or dual-core processor chip. For example, the HP Stream laptop uses the Intel Celeron processor. 
  • Memory: Random access memory (RAM) and conventional storage solutions are used by stream PCs to store and retrieve video data. RAM memory chips are used to store video as it is recorded and encoded. Conventional storage units, such as HDDs or SSDs, provide storage space for large amounts of streamed video content. 
  • Graphics Card: This piece of hardware ensures that content on your monitor screen can be streamed live without lag or significant drops in frame rate. This component is especially useful for gamers who stream their video gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. Look for something like the Intel UHD graphics 600 to get the most out of your unit.

What are the key features in stream laptops and notebooks?

Before you go ahead and purchase a stream laptop or notebooks, make sure you consider the importance of the following features that you're getting for the price: 

  • Battery Life: Significant battery capacity ensures that you can stream when you're away from a power port and will help you maintain a long battery life.
  • Connectivity: If you intend to upload recorded video content onto your stream PC, you will need to connect hard drives, cameras, and editing extensions to your computer. HDMI and DisplayPort connections are the most common inputs used in HP streaming laptops and notebooks.
  • Operating System: All stream laptops and notebooks are used via an operating system (OS). Most stream PCs are Windows-based or MacOS-based devices. The most common Windows OS used in an HP stream laptop is Windows 10. This OS is preferred by streamers for its simple interface and compatibility with other Windows 10 devices. It also works well with most HP laptops ranging from the HP Stream 11 to the HP Stream 14.

FAQs About Stream PC Laptops

Can Stream PC laptops handle gaming and multimedia tasks effectively?

Stream PC laptops are not designed for intensive gaming or multimedia tasks. While they can handle basic games and streaming media, they may struggle with demanding games or high-definition video editing due to their limited processing power and graphics capabilities.

Are Stream PC laptops compatible with popular software applications and operating systems?

Yes, most Stream PC laptops run on Windows operating systems and are compatible with a wide range of popular software applications such as Microsoft Office, web browsers, multimedia players, and productivity tools available on the Windows platform.

Can Stream PC laptops connect to external monitors and peripherals?

Yes, most Stream PC laptops come equipped with multiple USB ports, HDMI or VGA outputs, and wireless connectivity options, allowing users to connect external monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and other peripherals to enhance productivity and usability.