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Selecting the Best HP ENVY Laptops and Netbooks

HP ENVY laptops and netbooks are laptop computers by the brand Hewlett-Packard. These HP computers for sale are compact, portable, and easy to transport. The laptops and netbooks operate using Windows operating systems, usually including Intel processing systems.

Which version of Windows does the HP ENVY run?

The HP ENVY laptops and netbooks run the Windows 10 operating system. The Windows 10 operating system was released in July 2015, offering an updated laptop experience for users by including downloadable games and apps directly on the HP laptop computer. Windows 10 also has the option to use a traditional desktop view or the updated look with apps and additional features right on the desktop.

What processor is included in the HP ENVY?

The HP ENVY runs on an i7 or an NVIDIA Intel processor. Intel processors make your computer faster and provide an enhanced visual experience. These Intel processors also make for a better gaming experience with less lag, faster speeds, and higher-quality graphics when you play. Intel is one of the most common processing systems.

How is the battery life?

The HP ENVY laptops for sale, such as the HP Envy 13 and the HP Envy X360, offer up to roughly nine hours of battery life. However, activities, such as playing games or watching movies, can drain the battery faster than surfing the web. Extensive charging of the battery can also decrease battery life. Fully charging the battery and charging again only when needed can help to keep the battery's lifespan closer to the approximate nine hours it starts with.

Are these computers susceptible to viruses?

Like most computers, Intel HP computers are susceptible to viruses, malware, or Spectre attacks, which hackers use to steal people's personal information from their computers or mobile devices. Though the Envy 13 computers can be infected by a virus or malware or become victim to a Spectre attack, these attacks can be easily prevented with antivirus and anti-malware software.

What other features does this computer include?

These HP computers also come equipped with multiple ports to connect multiple devices, such as USB ports, HDMI ports, and a microphone and headphone jack. The computer may also come with various free trials or additional perks that can make your experience with the computer more worthwhile. Some of these other features include:

  • Limited warranty, including technical support
  • Free Microsoft Office trial
  • Antivirus/anti-malware subscription

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