Gun Original Factory Boxes/Cases

What is an Original Factory Gun Box Case?

After purchase, firearms are presented to the buyer in a padded box case for safe transportation back to a secure residence. In many situations, this case is the same box that the firearm was originally packed into after being leaving the assembly line. The size, shape, and material of the factory gun box will depend on the type and quality of the firearm you are purchasing. The three most common factory gun box series are pistol, rifle, and shotgun cases. 

What Do You Do With Original Factory Gun Cases?

Original factory gun cases can serve a variety of different applications and designs. The options available to you will often depend on the size and form-factor of the original factory gun case. Here are three of the most common uses for original factory gun cases:  

  • Conventional Storage: You can use original firearm box cases as a stylish conventional storage solution. The distinctive shape and finish of the gun case may also offer unique advantages for interior decorators. 
  • Firearm Display: Take advantage of the stylish design of your gun case and use it to create a distinctive display for your pistol, rifle or shotgun. If you have a small handgun case, you can easily display your handgun in the less spacious areas of the home.   
  • Collecting: Gun enthusiasts and firearm collectors often collect original factor gun cases in order to assemble complete series of certain gun ranges. Handgun case collections are some of the most common original factory box collectibles.  

What are the Different Types of Original Factory Gun Box Cases?

The type of firearm you own isnt the only factor dictating what kind of original gun case you will receive. The vast majority of original factory gun box cases have a black plastic hard case exterior as well as a padded black inner case. 

  • Padded Case: These cases, which include the pistol case, rifle case, and shotgun case, have extra layers of protective foam in the inner sections of the box. The padding minimizes inner-case vibrations and protect your firearm from scratches on the stock. 
  • Travel Case: Original factory gun travel cases are soft fabric boxes that usually have black shoulder or waist straps. These original gun cases can carry tactical rifles or handguns during hunting expeditions. 
  • Tactical Case: These original factory firearm cases are for tactical transport and usage. Whether the box is a pistol case or rifle case, tactical boxes will always have a hard exterior, easy-access clasps, and sturdy black attachment mounts.