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Green Goblin Collectible Comics Figurines

If you're looking for sculptured statues of one of Marvel's most infamous villains, then look no further. The Green Goblin, one of the many notorious enemies featured in the Spider-Man comics, can be displayed through one of many collectibles available.

Who is the Green Goblin?

There are, in fact, several different alter egos for the Green Goblin. The character and his history are explained here:

  • Norman Osborn: A business tycoon who lacked morals and only cared about money and power, Norman was the first Goblin. Things were twice as complicated due to the man being the father of Spider-Man's best friend.
  • Harry Osborn: After the death of his father, Harry eventually discovered that his best friend Peter Parker was not only Spider-Man but his father's killer. Consumed with a desire for revenge, he became the second Green Goblin and was much more menacing and dangerous than his father ever was.
  • Hobgoblin: After Harry returned to normal and Norman was killed off, the writers of the comics decided to appease to Marvel's desires to bring back the Goblin foe by creating the Hobgoblin. Making his debut in the Amazing Spider-Man, this villain was cunning and had better equipment than his predecessors.
Which Green Goblin era do the figures represent?

If you were you a fan of the Goblin that was portrayed by Dane DeHaan in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, you'll be pleased to know his figurine depicts him during his battle with Spidey during the night that Gwen Stacy died.

You'll find there are several figures that include the unmasked versions of these villains. If you want an unmasked Norman Osborn or an unmasked Harry Osborn, then you will find them in this category. There is also a figure of the villain when he was portrayed by Willem Dafoe in the 2002 film sporting his bright green armor.

Also included are statues of the Hobgoblin as he incites fear in citizens with his terrifying smirk. Of course, if you are looking for incarnations of this insane antagonist solely from the Marvel comics as opposed to the Marvel movie versions, then you will have plenty to see as well.

What specific types of figurines are available?
  • Busts: Find busts of Spidey in combat with his Goblin enemy or just the green menace himself. Their sizes range from small to large.
  • Statues: There are a variety of sculpted statues in miniature or full size. They include both Osborn men as their evil alter ego and the Hobgoblin.
  • Action figures:Whether they're 7 inches or 12 inches, these action figures of the goblin that you can add to a growing collection of Marvel antagonists.