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Green Bay Packers NFL Fan Sweatshirts

The Green Bay Packers are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL. Green Bay Packers NFL fan sweatshirts come in the team's logo and colors and may also be found in neutral colors such as gray. These shirts have long sleeves and are meant to be worn in the cooler temperatures that herald the arrival of football season in Wisconsin.

Are Green Bay Packers NFL sweatshirts one-size-fits-all?

No. These NFL team sweatshirts are sized like other T-shirts, jerseys, or jackets. The most common sizes include:

  • Small: For chest sizes 36 to 38 inches
  • Medium: For chest sizes 38 to 40 inches
  • Large: For chest sizes 40 to 42 inches
  • Extra-large: For chest sizes 42 to 44 inches
How do you select a Packers NFL sweatshirt

You will want to find the correct sweatshirt size. A proper way to buy an NFL hoodie or sweatshirt is to begin by measuring the chest to determine which size is required.

  • View a size chart. This chart will typically include the chest measurements that correspond to the various shirt sizes.
  • Remove your outer garments. It is OK to leave on items such as a jersey or T-shirt that will be worn under the hoodie.
  • Measure the chest. A tape measure is wrapped around the body at the fullest part of the chest. The tape should be just under your armpits. The measurement is the total number of inches needed to wrap around your body once. Women should measure the fullest part of the bosom for accurate fitting.
  • Measure any other body parts listed on the sizing chart. Some sizing charts may also provide measurements for the neck and the shoulders.
  • Choose the larger measurement. If the chest measurement size differs from size measurements for other parts of the body, select the size that is larger.
What colors are available?

Green Bay Packers NFL garments may come in a number of colors. The most prevalent colors will be green and cheese gold, which match the team logo and jersey style. Many logo shirts are gray with cheese gold or green lettering. These merchandise garments may also be found in black, white, and many neutral colors.

What are these NFL team sweatshirts made of?

The most common fabric used to produce a sweatshirt is heavyweight cotton. There are also hoodies that feature a blend of cotton and polyester fabrics.

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