Glass Canisters and Jars

A glass jar or canister allows you to view what is in the container. Many glass jars and canisters are designed to be decorative as well as functional. Glass storage containers are often used on a kitchen countertop, in cabinets, and in the pantry, but these glass storage items can also be used elsewhere in the home.

What are the types of glass canisters and jars?

  • Ceramic - Ceramic is a jar made of clay but finished with a glass glaze. You can use them for a cookie jar, which often has a separate coordinating lid.
  • Candy - A glass candy jar or canister is used to view what sort of candy is inside. You can use a scoop to get the candy out, especially if the candy is not wrapped. They often have a metal lid or glass lid.
  • Canning - A Mason or canning jar is designed to form a hermetic seal for the preservation and storage of food. A Mason jar is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures.
  • Apothecary - An apothecary jar or canister is usually used in the bathroom to store toiletries such as cotton swabs or balls.
  • Spice - A spice jar has a top that screws on and has holes. A second top for this type of glass jar seals the herbs for long-term storage. You can house dried herbs in an opaque glass jar or canister to protect them from light.

How do you choose a glass canister or jar?

  • Select a size - Glass jars and canisters are available in small to large diameters and in a range of heights.
  • Select a style - Choose Mason, storage, or cookie jar, decorative crystal cut glass, tall bottles, stackable jars, or basic functional glass canisters.
  • Select a color - Solid, swirled, or clear glass are options for glass canisters. Cookie jars may have detailed designs and multiple colors.
  • Select a lid type - Stainless-steel lids, metal, silicone, hinged lids, screw-on lids, or airtight lids are the options for lidded canisters and cookie jars.

Is it safe to store food in glass jars?

Yes, it is safe to use a glass jar to store food in your kitchen. One benefit of glass is that it forms an airtight seal with its stainless-steel or other lid, which helps keep out common kitchen pests such as mealy bugs. Glass is also safe for long-term food storage. For instance, you can use a pressure cooker to can fruits, vegetables, or meats and store them in glass containers. A glass canister will also keep leftovers safe in your refrigerator. You can use them to put your leftovers in a container that will not release chemicals when they are reheated. It is important to note that a vintage cookie jar should not be used for storing edible items. This is because an older cookie jar could contain lead glaze.