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What to Know When Choosing a Gateway Laptop or Notebook

Gateway is a computer and electronics company that was founded in 1985. They release laptops, notebooks, and convertible laptops with a range of features. Some of their laptops might suit your needs more than others.

How do you choose the right Gateway laptop?

Your lifestyle and how you plan to use the computer will play a large role in which Gateway laptop to choose. Gamers, entertainment fans, and writers can benefit from large laptops due to their generous screen size and keyboard spacing. If mobility is your main concern, you'd probably appreciate a smaller model. Each laptop model series comes in these varied sizes:

  • 100s series: 15-inch and 15.7-inch sizes are both available with the 100s series.
  • 1000s series: The 1000s series has multiple sizes available, ranging from 14.1 inches to 17 inches.
  • C series: The C series is a line of convertible tablets, and it offers 12.1-inch and 14.1-inch models.
  • E series: The E series is a business-oriented line of convertible tablets and notebooks with 12.1-inch and 14.1-inch models available.
  • M series: As Gateway's higher-end series line, the M series has numerous sizes and models available that range from 12.1 inches to 17 inches.
Other than size, how does each model series differ?

The hardware and performance of each model vary as follows:

  • 100s & 1000s series: Released in the early to mid-2000s, these Gateway series lines include Intel Pentium processors and integrated graphics.
  • C, E, and M series: The hardware available in these Gateway notebooks is extensive; many of them feature Intel Core Solo and Duo processors, as well as AMD options.
  • Post M series: Since the end of the M series line, many other lines have been released, including the NV, ID, EC, and LT series lines. The original versions of these lines offer either Celeron or Athlon Neo CPU's. Other models have both Intel i7 and AMD Turion CPU's available.
What other features do Gateway notebooks have?

You can find Gateway notebooks targeted specifically for business and home use.

  • Business models: The E and NX series notebooks offer write-capable optic drives to make disc recording faster and easier. They also include two memory expansion slots for memory upgrades.
  • Home models: The M and P series notebooks were released with both standard and gaming versions. The gaming versions include an ATI Radeon X1270 Integrated Graphics card and an Ultrabright HD display for an improved visual experience.
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