Fishing Vests

Fishing Vests

Fishing vests are often worn by a person who is going fly-fishing. The sport of fly-fishing involves using a variety of artificial flies, which could be made of feathers, wood, plastic, resin, or a combination of materials. The vest is designed to hold all of the necessary flies, along with monofilament, extra reels, and other gear for a day of fishing.

What are the features of fishing vests?

Fly-fishing vests usually have a unisex design. They are typically made of tan, beige, light brown, or green fabric that is easy to launder. These tips will help you select a vest for your upcoming fishing trips.

  • Accessory holders - Mesh accessory holders on the front of the fly-fishing vest allow you to keep extra lures or flies in your pocket so that you do not have to dig through a tackle box to locate your fly-fishing supplies.
  • Interior and exterior pockets - A fly-fishing vest usually has multiple front pockets and inside pockets where you can pack a reel, fly, extra line, and other necessities. The fly-fishing vest pockets may be lined and double-stitched for durability.
  • Adjustable waist - An adjustable waist allows a fly-fishing vest to fit over one or more layers of clothing. The vest with an adjustable waist could also accommodate different body shapes.
What materials are fishing vests made from?
  • Cotton and canvas - Cotton is lightweight and durable. Cotton canvas and flannel are also used to make rugged vests for fly-fishing in cool weather.
  • Mesh - Mesh made of woven spandex, polyester, or other synthetic threads makes for a lightweight vest. Some vests for fly-fishing have mesh exterior pockets for easy access to your fly and accessories.
  • Nylon, polyester, and synthetics - Vests with nylon, polyester, and other synthetics are durable and easy to wash. These materials offer stretch and are often blended into cotton.
How do you choose a size of vest for fly-fishing?

It is important to choose a vest that will keep you comfortable for hours of fishing with a fly lure. The fly-fishing vest should also allow you to have a full range of motion when casting your fishing line into the water. Most fishing vests are unisex and will fit the body shape of a man or woman who wants to go fishing. The adjustable waist of a fishing vest ensures that the vest stays on even when attaching the fly and casting the fishing line. To get the right fit of clothing for fishing, measure your waist and chest with a fabric measuring tape. Get your measurement in inches. Most manufacturers of fishing vests, including Orvis, Shimano, Columbia, and Patagonia, make garments that accommodate a range of chest and waist sizes, with a general unisex size that fits up to 42-inches and a plus or extended size. There are also kids sizes of mesh vests for fishing. The fishing garment can be adjusted to fit your body by pulling on or loosening the woven straps and D-rings.