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Expand Your Go-To Makeup With Fashion Fair

Fashion Fair is a leading provider of cosmetics for women of color. The company boasts a diverse line of palettes encompassing everything from deep to light browns and tans to jewel tones. Discover just the right product on eBay using these helpful tips.

What coverage and formats of foundation can you get?

Fashion Fair makeup offers foundation for light, medium, or full coverage. Formats include liquid, cream, oil-free cream to powder, powder, and stick. Below are examples of each foundation type in the Fashion Fair makeup family:

  • Perfect Finish All Day Souffle full coverage liquid foundation
  • Perfect Finish oil-free cream to powder
  • Fast Finish foundation stick
  • Perfect Finish full coverage cream foundation
Are Fashion Fair makeup foundation powder and loose powder similar?

Like many cosmetics brands, Fashion Fair makeup produces both powder and cream foundations as well as loose and pressed powders. People often use them interchangeably. Generally, after washing your face and applying moisturizer, you apply powder or cream foundation, highlight your "T" zone with concealer, blend it all down and then apply loose powder on wet foundation and concealer to "set" or "cook/bake" your coverage. Fashion Fair makeup also boasts dual-tone True Fix Foundation, which is a dual color compact that lets you contour your nose and create a cut cheek while staying true to your foundation's dominant hue.

Fashion Fair Makeup for Eyes

Fashion Fair offers many different eyeshadow options. You can choose between any of the primary colors, medium tones, warm tones, and dark tones. Some of these products from Fashion Fair makeup include:

  • Eye Shadow duo in slate and nude
  • ColorDazzle eye and blush palette (jewel tones and neutral tones)
  • Classic Fashion Fair makeup eyeshadow in shades ranging from Iced Blush to Noir
Lip care and lip color products

Fashion Fair makeup has a full line of lip care and lip color products. The palettes encompass professional looking warm tones for everyday as well as slightly adventurous tones to create bold special looks for nights out or special events. There are also ombre lip looks consisting of a pre-matched lipstick and liner to craft dimensional color on your lips. Other new lip products to consider include:

  • Traditional lip liners and lipsticks in classic applicators
  • Matte lip cream
  • Lip gloss
  • Lip lacquer
  • Lip moisturizer
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