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Eureka Camping Tents

The right tent for camping should include a selection based on sleeping comfort and specific type based on various needs. Eureka makes tents for all kinds of camping from solo backpacking trips to long weekends in the woods. If you and your family are interested in doing some camping, this brand has a wide selection of models available from which to choose.

What are some variables in a Eureka camping tent?

The following attributes can be considered when selecting Eureka Camping tents.

  • Tent capacity - The size descriptions for small to mid-sized products refer to the number of people who can lie on the floor side-by-side in sleeping bags. Larger tents are available and are normally described as family-sized or as cabins.
  • Floor dimensions - An alternative to selection by capacity is floor dimensions. This is the area of the floor space when laid out flat on the ground. The Sunrise 9 is one such model and the floor measures 9 foot by 9 foot.
  • Select camping style - Select a Eureka tent based on group size. Eureka manufactures a 12-person cabin-style unit with 168 square feet.
  • Select tent shape - Eureka makes A-frame and umbrella style tents. The dome or umbrella style gives room at the top with exterior walls lined with windows. You may also want to take into account the heights of yourself and your family, especially if anyone is exceptionally tall.
What are the main features of Eureka camping tents?
  • Bathtub floor - The Sunrise 9 has a bathtub floor that has roll edges and is considered water-repellent.
  • Gear bag - Some tents have gear bags built into their walls for storing camping items like matches and solar chargers. The Eureka Sunrise 9 also has water bottle pockets and a wall organizer equipped with a mirror.
  • Rain fly - A rain fly is placed over the top of a tent to repel or resist water from the elements. After inserting the poles, the rain fly attaches at the top. On the ground, stakes hold it in place.
  • Three-season tents Comprised of fabric, a ventilation system, and windows that are designed for three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. The design is implemented through the ventilation system and fabric to diminish potential condensation build up inside the interior of the tent.
  • Four-season tents - Made with fabric and aluminum poles designed for colder weather as well as spring, summer, and fall. The aluminum poles are an alternative to the three-season tents that have fiberglass poles.
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