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Spot Targets Using an EOTech 3X Maximum Magnification Rifle Scope

EOTech designs and manufactures a wide variety of optical systems for hunting. You can find various magnifying scopes from their product lines on eBay. Understanding what types of hunting rifle scopes are available and the main features they have can help you find the EOTech 3X magnifier that works with your equipment.

Mounting options for EOTech 3X magnifiers

Many EOTech hunting scopes have more than one way that they can attach to your rifle. It makes sense to look for a magnifier based on how it sits on your equipment. Some of the most common ways an EOTech 3X magnifier can mount to your firearm includes:

  • Top - This is the primary position for the EOTech 3X magnifier when it is in use. You will look down the sight at your target through the magnifying lens.
  • Side - Many EOTech 3X magnifier models can move to the side of your rifle and out of the way when they are not in use. A simple flip will move the magnifier to one side of the rifle or the other for your convenience.
Can EOTech 3X magnifiers work with different sights?

Most new and pre-owned EOTech 3X magnifiers that you will find on eBay are versatile enough to work with more than one type of sight. Some of the main sights these magnifiers can work with include:

  • Red dot - A red dot sight uses a small LED light to produce the targeting reticle for you.
  • Holographic - Holographic sights use a powerful laser that bounces from one place to another to produce a hologram as a representation of the reticle.
Are EOTech 3X magnifiers waterproof?

EOTech makes a range of magnifiers that are designed to be versatile and useful in different hunting environments. Part of this usefulness involves being able to use your scope in areas that might be heavy with rainfall or rushing water. The specific waterproof capabilities of a scope depend on which magnifier you choose for your needs. However, many models are submersible up to several feet. This means that your scope should still function even if it has spent time completely underwater. Its always helpful to check the scope manufacturers website to verify details.

Some features to look for in EOTech 3X magnifiers

When youre choosing your new or used EOTech 3X magnifier, looking at these features may be helpful:

  • Eye relief - This is the distance you must hold your eye from the lens in order to see the entire field of view.
  • Field of view - This is the distance in feet that you see through your scope as you look from right to left.
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