Protect Your Pet With the Right Collar Remedy

Stop your pet's suffering from flea, tick, and other pest bites with the right collar remedy. The active ingredients in these collars will protect large dogs, small dogs, or even a puppy for up to eight months. You can find a wide selection of reasonably priced flea and tick collars for your pets on eBay.

How do collar remedies work?

Tick, flea, and pest collars work in two ways. One way is to repel pests by emitting an insecticide. The other is by secreting a medication which is absorbed by the pet's skin and is spread across the animal by way of its natural oils.

The repellent type of collar contains an insecticide that kills the pest when it bites the dog. The second type of collar kills the flea or tick as soon as it comes in contact with the animal before it can bite the pet. Some collars have both repellent and treatment properties. That means they can kill existing pests as well as prevent any new infestations. A repellent-only type of collar will offer protection against new pests but won't kill pests already on the animal.

What sizes of collars are available?

The size of the collar you need depends on the weight of your animal. Collars are available in the following sizes:

  • Double extra small (XXS)
  • Extra small (XS)
  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra large (XL)
  • Double extra large (XXL)

A dog that weighs 0 to 22 pounds will need an XXS-sized collar. Large dogs that weigh more than 55 pounds will need an XXL-sized collar.

What pests do the collars protect against?

Dog collar remedies protect against fleas and ticks; the most common pests when it comes to dogs and cats. But some collars also provide protection against mosquitoes, lice, larvae, and mites. This extra protection is important for animals that live in areas with long grass or will be in the woods.

What are the benefits of these flea and pest collars?

Flea and pest collars fit around the animal's neck and are an economical way to prevent suffering, disease, and pain for your pets. They provide the most effective protection in the neck and face areas where ticks like to attack.

You can also use flea collars inside your home. If you have a nasty infestation of fleas, put a flea collar into the bag or canister of your vacuum cleaner. This will kill the pests and their eggs after you've vacuumed so they won't return to haunt you.