Dension iPod/iPhone Car Electronics Adapters

A Basic Guide to Dension iPod and iPhone Car Electronics Adapters

If your vehicle isnt equipped with a built-in USB or auxiliary port, however, playing this music can be a bit of a challenge. With an iPod and iPhone adapter, this process can be much easier. The ability to play music from your iPod or iPhone is one of the many great features of Dension iPod and iPhone car adapters.

What is a car electronics adapter?

An iPod/iPhone electronic adapter allows you to connect your iPod or iPhone directly to the device, which then converts the audio into a signal that your vehicle radio can use. This allows you to upgrade your vehicles stereo system without having to rip out the system thats already in place.

How do I select the right Dension iPod/iPhone car adapter?

To ensure proper audio playback in your vehicle, its important to understand the different types of adapters that are available and the information you will need to select one:

  • Choose By Vehicle Year, Make, and Model: This variable is the most important consideration when selecting an adapter. Different car manufacturers utilize different standards for connecting external accessories to the stereo system. Its important to select the correct connection, which can differ depending on the year, model, or trim style.
  • Decide on Wireless or Wired Functionality: Some models come equipped with Bluetooth, which gives you a wireless connectivity option in addition to the wired option. If you plan on utilizing other music players in addition to your iPod or iPhone, you can select a unit with an auxiliary input. This is a 3.5mm jack that accepts a standard headphone jack cable.
  • Choose Based on iPod or iPhone Connection Type: Its important to consider whether your iPod or iPhone has the older 30-pin connection or the newer Lightning connection when selecting a unit. Be sure you select one with the correct adapter type.
How do you install a Dension car adapter?

Depending on your vehicle, the installation procedure will vary. Here is a basic outline of the process:

  1. Remove the trim around the stereo, then take out the car stereo by removing the screws holding it in place.
  2. Pull the car stereo out and locate the external accessory port on the rear of the unit.
  3. Plug the cable from the car adapter kit into the external accessory port, then run the cables behind the dashboard to the desired output location.
  4. Connect the cable from the stereo to the adapter, then run the audio cable from the unit to your iPod or iPhone to check for proper operation.
  5. Re-install the stereo and trim, reversing the procedure you used to remove it.
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