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Shop for a Dell Enterprise Network Server With a Xeon Processor

Enterprise network servers are the backbone of a companys local area network, providing essential services to the entire organization. Whether your company needs a new data center gateway or a server for its website, it is important to choose a server thats right for the task. Dells enterprise servers equipped with Intels Xeon Quad Core processor may offer the performance you need.

What is a network server?

A network server is a computer or software program designed to respond to requests received over a local area network or internet connection. A web server is an example of a network server that responds to requests for web pages by sending the HTML and media files needed for a remote web browser to display it. Server hardware is specialized to maximize performance and minimize downtime.

What does an enterprise server do?

The enterprise server provides software or storage services to an entire organization rather than just a single department or particular application. What enterprise servers do depends on the size and complexity of a company. A small company may have an enterprise server that provides access to all of its databases, or it may use an FTP (file transfer protocol) server providing shared storage for the companys employees. In a large organization, an enterprise server might be the gateway to a data center or the web server for the companys public or internal website.

What are some features to consider when comparing servers?
  • Operating system: Servers often run specialized operating systems for your computer like Linux, UNIX, or Windows NT. Youll want to be sure the operating system is compatible with the software you plan to install.
  • Processors: Servers use high-performance processors designed for them, like Intels Xeon brand. They run at faster clock speeds and have more cores than CPUs designed for PCs.
  • Redundant systems: Reliability is as important as performance for servers. They often have redundant systems that can recover from hardware failures, such as extra CPUs, a second power supply, and additional hard drives.
  • Number of hard-drive bays: Servers can need far more storage space than PCs. The number of drive bays will be important if you want to create a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) system.
Which enterprise servers has Dell made with Xeon processors?

Dells PowerEdge line of servers can be used in a variety of roles including acting as enterprise servers. Many of their high-performance models use Intels Xeon Quad Core processors to handle demanding workloads. Dells Precision Workstation desktops with Xeon CPUs can also fill a server role.

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