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Finding the Right Windows 8 PC

Those who are looking for a solid balance between portability and power need look no further than one of the many powerful laptops available on the market. While some laptops compromise computing power in favor of compactness, other laptops are still able to offer both compactness and performance in one package. One such company is Dell, and those looking for a laptop, including laptops with an older operating system, like Windows 8, can find one on eBay available from a variety of reliable sellers.

Which Laptop Size Is Right for Me?

The brand offers many different categories of portable computer systems designed for both business and pleasure. Depending on size and power needs, the category one person chooses will be different from someone else.

  • The most portable type of Windows PC this company offers is the Ultraportable. These laptops are quite small and extremely slim. They are typically less than three pounds, and normally have a display size that is 12 inches or less. In this range, these devices are typically considered netbooks.
  • Besides netbook-sized devices, there are also many portable models available with slightly larger screens. The thin-and-light category mixes portability with performance and features. These typically weigh in at four to five pounds, and measure between 12 and 14 inches corner and corner.
  • If size isn't as big as a deal, there are also Mainstream and Desktop Replacement options. These Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 devices, like the Dell Inspiron series, have power in mind, and often have specifications and features to show for it.

Which Components Should I Consider When Buying a Laptop?

While a Windows 8 laptop has the screen, the keyboard, and the actual computer all in one piece, there are many individual components that come together to create a laptop. People can mix and match these components across specific models and lineups, and understanding these components is important when making a purchasing decision.

  • One decision buyers will have, whether they prefer Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or another OS, is how much RAM they need. RAM is the amount of current memory the device can use to open and run the various tasks. Users can find Windows devices with many differing amounts of RAM, including 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB. More RAM generally equals more power, but note that it is also quite easy to install RAM after the fact.
  • Another important component is the type of graphics card. There are many different graphics cards available, and many companies have options from both of the processing leaders.

Which CPU Should I Get?

One of the most important components is the CPU. This is the brain of the computer, and is responsible for the processing speed at which a Windows computer can function.

  • CPUs found in Windows notebooks differ from CPUs found in desktops in that they have advanced power management options, which help extend battery life.
  • There are many different processors available, like the i5 and the i7, the latter of which is a quad-core processor, and the former of which is a dual-core processor. More cores means that the computer can juggle multiple processes at once without lag or a reduction in speed.

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