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Frequently Asked Questions about Dell RAID Controller Cards

Dell is a computer manufacturer company that assembles various laptop, desktop, and computer components and adapters. When you need to upgrade or replace components such as a Dell RAID controller card, there are different types and models available. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting a controller.

What is a RAID controller?

A controller can either be a piece of hardware or software that manages the hard disks in your computer. Some models are integrated in the motherboard itself instead of being a separate component. This component combines multiple disk drives into a single unit for data redundancy and performance use.

What are the different types of RAID?

  • Disk striping: This type splits the data across the number of disks connected to allow for a higher data throughput. This style does not duplicate the data or contain any parity information. The disks will appear on the computer as a single partition.
  • RAID 1: This type is used with a pair of disks and mirrors the data across both of the drives. It allows the system to still access the data if one of the two drives fail.
  • RAID 5: This type will also split the data across the multiple blocks similar to the 0 type. It will also store parity information that is used by the system to recover data.
  • RAID 6: This type of format works similarly to the RAID 5 format. It has an extra parity block, which means that if two drives fail, the system can still function.
  • RAID 10: This essentially combines data mirroring and striping features. This format requires at least four disks to set it up.

How do you select a RAID controller?

  • Review system information: You will want to gather information on your motherboard, hard disks, and connections so that you can select a compatible RAID controller.
  • Select an interface: You will want to review the connections on the hard disks that will be used in the assembly. Some of the types include SATA and SAS interfaces.
  • Choose a slot: This will determine which motherboard slot the card will be inserted in.
  • Select a brand: Dell manufactures replacement options if you want to use an OEM replacement. There are also other branded and unbranded cards that are compatible with your system.

How many drives are needed for a RAID setup?

The setup will need a minimum of two hard disk drives to create the system. Depending on the type of hard drive setup, you could need a minimum of three or four hard drives. This can be either a solid state drive or a hard disk drive.

What is a modular RAID controller card?

This type of card is designed to work with systems that make use of virtual machines. A modular card allows you to configure and add virtual drives. Modular cards will provide various solutions including embedded, entry, and full-featured controllers for SAS and SATA disks.