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Frequently Asked Questions About Dell Intel Core i3 Desktops

Texas-based computer manufacturer Dell sells personal computers, software, and other electronic products. Desktop computers such as those from Dell allow you to connect a screen, keyboard, and mouse to browse the web, play games, and other functions. When selecting a Dell computer, there are different models available with hardware and software choices.

How can you select a desktop?

  • Choose an operating system: You can choose between systems running Windows 7 up to Windows 10. These operating systems will be home, business, or professional edition. Some Dell computers may also have Linux installed or come without an OS installed.
  • Select RAM: You can select from single or double-channel memory systems. RAM size can be selected between 2GB up to 16GB of RAM. Some models will have a memory capacity of larger than 16GB.
  • Choose storage options: You can select one or more hard drives for your desktop. There are SSD and HDD options of capacities of 100GB to more than 2TB depending on the model.
  • Select a case type: This will sometimes be referred to as the form factor of the computer. You can choose from a full tower-sized desktop down to the ultra small form factor size depending on how much space you want the computer to take.
  • Choose a processor speed: The 3rd Gen i3 is available in dual core designs. The processor speed can range between 1.4Ghz up to 3.5Ghz.

What types of form factors are available?

  • All-in-one: This type of case will have the monitor and computer as a single unit. The computer portion of the system will be located at the back of the screen.
  • Tower: This type of case is set up vertically and is designed to provide space for multiple disk and storage drives.
  • Micro Tower: This type of case will use a motherboard of MicroATX size.
  • Ultra Small Form Factor: This type will use an integrated power supply and 2.5-inch hard drives typically used in laptops. This size will use an integrated GPU.
  • Mini Desktop: This type of case uses a mini-ITX size motherboard. This type will be similar to the Micro Tower in size.

What types of GPU options are available?

  • Dedicated: Dedicated GPU cards will be inserted into a PCI for PCIe slot on your Dell desktop. This type has its own memory for processing images along with its own chipset.
  • Integrated: This type will be built into the motherboard and share memory with the motherboard.

What types of storage options are available?A desktop computer can have one or more of the following types of hard drives in the case:

  • HDD: This type of storage will have multiple magnetic disks in the housing that the computer will write data to. This type uses SATA connectors to attach to the motherboard.
  • SSD: This type of storage option uses flash memory to store data for the desktop computer. Solid State Drives have no moving parts and work similarly to a USB thumb drive.